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02/19/07 - Lasers, games, party (!), out in the cold, microchips, and Sunny comes to visit

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id: 18278
id: 18279
A laser bouncing?
id: 18280
Ah! It's me!
id: 18281
Bryce, Brett, and Tony playing a game
id: 18282
This is right before we moved the room around
id: 18283
They're playing Ultimate Marvel Alliance
id: 18284
Tony's into it
id: 18285
Bryce in the hall
id: 18286
Brett locks the door
id: 18287
Brett walking along
id: 18288
Waiting for Tony in Johnson
id: 18289
Flash picture!
id: 18290
"Come on!"
id: 18291
id: 18292
Some people at the party! Note that the girl on the left has my card!
id: 18293
id: 18294
I don't know these people
id: 18295
Pose everyone!
id: 18296
Brett seems alarmed
id: 18297
Some people at the party
id: 18298
It's Dan! Great party!
id: 18299
Bryce and Tony are in the corner
id: 18300
Another alarmed looking Brett
id: 18301
People around the table
id: 18302
A flash picture of some guy I don't know
id: 18303
Bryce is very sophisticated
id: 18304
This picture was immediately proceeded by "Hey Laura! Metal Gear Solid movie!"
id: 18305
Bryce on some bench
id: 18306
Wicked creepy, Bryce
id: 18307
Bryce tries to open a door
id: 18308
"Maybe my key will work"
id: 18309
Needless to say... it didn't
id: 18310
Bryce runs up to Freud
id: 18311
Oh Bryce, you've sunk so low.
id: 18312
Someone left Netflix on the floor!
id: 18313
id: 18314
I drew this while drunk
id: 18315
Bryce drew this. I signed off on it
id: 18316
A vaguely neat picture of a box
id: 18317
Brett looking around
id: 18318
Mel's bowl. Hey Mel, come pick up your bowl
id: 18319
Our new Goku poster. It looks pretty good doesn't it?
id: 18320
It's all dots up close
id: 18321
My sweet new Professor's Cube (on the left)
id: 18322
It's snowing!
id: 18323
You can kind of see the snow falling..
id: 18324
Brett eats a LOT at dinner. This is two hamburgers and a hot dog. He went on to eat three chicken patties...
id: 18325
Some awesome new microchips
id: 18326
They're very powerful
id: 18327
Too bad I ordered the wrong kind..
id: 18328
The leads are so small I can't use them
id: 18329
They still look neat
id: 18330
Look how small these are!
id: 18331
This baby can create and receive ethernet packets
id: 18332
It's thin too!
id: 18333
My PIC16F877As
id: 18334
Normal sized but.. square.
id: 18335
I also got a few PIC16F84As, but they were too small as well
id: 18336
Again, they still look neat
id: 18337
id: 18338
The Port of Worcester?? Last I checked Worcester is like 50 miles inland
id: 18339
Sunny in our room!
id: 18340
Get the tennis ball!
id: 18341
What's over here
id: 18342
Sunny checks around my desk
id: 18343
Bryce playing Manhunt.. I threw tennis balls at him
id: 18344
Bryce is concentrating
id: 18345
The Dual Shock 2 controller
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