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03/02/07 - Rubik's Cubes, rubber monsters, Gods of War, and sitting around

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id: 18346
Part of my growing cube collection
id: 18347
Brett's covered in rubber monster men
id: 18348
Metal Gear Ray has been overwhelmed!!
id: 18349
Nooo!! Metal Gear Ray run!!!
id: 18350
My monitor went crazy one day
id: 18351
The image went all wonky
id: 18352
Brett and Bryce playing God of War
id: 18353
Nick is an asshole
id: 18354
I took this image just to use the flash to look for my yellow guy.. I found him and the image was hilarious so I saved it
id: 18355
I planted a microchip on Bryce
id: 18356
He didn't notice
id: 18357
Bryce combined the two video games we had been playing all week
id: 18358
This is how my "do it yourself" Rubiks' Cube kit came
id: 18359
The blank cube (with no center panels added)
id: 18360
Cutting stickers...
id: 18361
The rubber men worship Brett's glasses
id: 18362
They await its wisdom
id: 18363
All hail Brett's glasses!
id: 18364
Fun with LEDs
id: 18365
id: 18366
id: 18367
Rosie drew (clockwise from top) Brett, me, and Bryce
id: 18368
The artist shows off her work
id: 18369
Rosie points to her work
id: 18370
id: 18371
Bryce didn't like his drawing
id: 18372
id: 18373
id: 18374
Bryce playing games
id: 18375
Brett looking around
id: 18376
Don't you give me that look
id: 18377
Brett watching TV
id: 18378
Rosie puts the whiteboard back
id: 18379
id: 18380
id: 18381
Rosie makes a weird face
id: 18382
Rosie sits around
id: 18383
Our folktale from Japanese class
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