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03/03/07 - Jump starting, Papa Ginos, and atomic bowling

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id: 18384
What the hell is this!?
id: 18385
My dad had to pull up on the sidewalk to get close enough
id: 18386
Fun times
id: 18387
Going over to the other car
id: 18388
Backing out the unpowered car
id: 18389
Backing away
id: 18390
The cable is in place
id: 18391
Dad charging up the car
id: 18392
id: 18393
id: 18394
Rob at Papa Ginos
id: 18395
James is hiding
id: 18396
I love Rob's look..
id: 18397
James with his face
id: 18398
Looking through boxes..
id: 18399
The fridge
id: 18400
Looking in the fridge
id: 18401
This is where the soda from the fountain comes from
id: 18402
Concentrated Mountain Dew
id: 18403
A little leakage
id: 18404
James found his Hoodsies
id: 18405
Nice goatee James
id: 18406
"Why would a calendar making company have a month's name for their company name?"
id: 18407
Rob sitting on the counter
id: 18408
Stop smoking, Rob!
id: 18409
Rob and Joe smoking
id: 18410
Rob looking around
id: 18411
Atomic bowling!
id: 18412
id: 18413
Rob's a ghost!
id: 18414
Rob bowling
id: 18415
Pins flying around
id: 18416
Falling pins
id: 18417
Pins falling everywhere
id: 18418
I took this one by accident but I kind of like it
id: 18419
id: 18420
id: 18421
15 second exposure
id: 18422
People bowling
id: 18423
Atomic fun
id: 18424
Rob takes a moment before bowling
id: 18425
Rob bowling again
id: 18426
id: 18427
James standing around
id: 18428
I like the purple light
id: 18429
James poses.. kind of
id: 18430
Pins flying around
id: 18431
Long exposure is fun
id: 18432
Final scores for game one
id: 18433
Rob sitting around
id: 18434
Everyone got 9 on their first roll of the second game
id: 18435
The Good Try Ducks!
id: 18436
One of those "stop the light" games with some good prizes
id: 18437
A $100 bill!
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