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03/06/07 - Cats, malls, and The Jumpy Thing

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id: 18438
Isabelle and Strawberry!
id: 18439
Aren't they cute?
id: 18440
Isabelle's looking around
id: 18441
What's over there?
id: 18442
Isabelle closeup
id: 18443
id: 18444
A helicopter flying over the mall
id: 18445
James plays on one of those projector games
id: 18446
You can step on books or something
id: 18447
Up close you can see the pixels
id: 18448
James steps on the game
id: 18449
No Wii's in stock, but plenty of PS3s
id: 18450
This is not a plushie!
id: 18451
The projector game again, this time in the Liberty Tree Mall!
id: 18452
It's not really that much fun
id: 18453
James plays again
id: 18454
The Jumpy Thing
id: 18455
I take a picture of James taking my picture
id: 18456
Let's take pictures of Rob!
id: 18457
Hahaha, again, no Wii's, but they've got eight PS3s
id: 18458
Stupid PS3
id: 18459
James is a Guitar Hero
id: 18460
Looks like he botched a note
id: 18461
He got pretty good at it
id: 18462
Some kid on The Jumpy Thing
id: 18463
James selects a DDR song
id: 18464
He ended up doing A, Orion, and Drop Out
id: 18465
James DDRing
id: 18466
Step step!
id: 18467
Rob says "I think I can win at Skiball"
id: 18468
Rob watches as James melts to death
id: 18469
It's like a first person shooter!
id: 18470
This photo wasn't even staged
id: 18471
James takes a break after Drop Out
id: 18472
Time to get up!
id: 18473
Someone had already put money in this machine!
id: 18474
James is going to be all that he can be
id: 18475
We found a broken gumball machine
id: 18476
James is making faces
id: 18477
James makes a creepy face
id: 18478
id: 18479
This "Zoltar" obviously used to be a woman
id: 18480
Look at the painted fingernails and rings!
id: 18481
It even has lipstick on! The beard is just curly hair put on the face!
id: 18482
How weird is it to buy Magic like this?
id: 18483
Rob has Zabusa's sword!
id: 18484
James is a Guitar Hero again!
id: 18485
Go man go!
id: 18486
id: 18487
Good horsey
id: 18488
A ray gun!
id: 18489
Awww, isn't that cute
id: 18490
James is ashamed of the previous picture
id: 18491
Jack McCoy?
id: 18492
id: 18493
Gimli's actually a big fan of Brigham's
id: 18494
id: 18495
You could go to the Liberty Tree Mall and turn left at the Jumpy Thing. Past the Shrine of the Silver Monkey....
id: 18496
Bilbo stopped by too
id: 18497
James has a hat
id: 18498
These shamrocks just get weirder and weirder
id: 18499
Time to poke Rob!
id: 18500
Cover your ears!
id: 18501
id: 18502
This was the best name they could come up with
id: 18503
James gets ready to suit up
id: 18504
James is psyched
id: 18505
Getting suited up!
id: 18506
James is flying!
id: 18507
The guy jumped on to help James get some momentum
id: 18508
Look at him fly
id: 18509
Having fun!
id: 18510
Jumping through the mall
id: 18511
James does a backflip
id: 18512
Jumpin' James
id: 18513
In the midst of a double backflip
id: 18514
Coming out of a flip
id: 18515
id: 18516
Jump for joy!
id: 18517
James is having a lot of fun
id: 18518
Now he wants one in his house
id: 18519
Rob didn't want to do it
id: 18520
Getting lowered
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