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03/08/07 - Electronics project and Wii at last, Wii at last!

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id: 18521
The power socket for my project.
id: 18522
Learning how to use lights.. The white LEDs are really bright
id: 18523
The board without the white LEDs
id: 18524
With all elements turned off
id: 18525
The 7 segment LED display
id: 18526
The nice folks at EB gave me a chair to sit in while waiting for a Wii
id: 18527
The EB
id: 18528
#3 in line. She's getting it for her kids. Nice lady
id: 18529
#2 in line. Getting it for himself and his whole household. He was cool too
id: 18530
The UPS truck is here!!
id: 18531
The packages are coming!
id: 18532
The guy's bringing them over here
id: 18533
In the store!
id: 18534
Headed to the back of the store
id: 18535
Box full of Wiis!
id: 18536
You can practically feel the anticipation
id: 18537
The EB guy with his box!
id: 18538
Cutting open the box
id: 18539
id: 18540
There's my Wii
id: 18541
#3 in line took this picture for me. Nerdy, but awesome
id: 18542
There it is
id: 18543
Opening the box..
id: 18544
Contents of box #1
id: 18545
Contents of box #2
id: 18546
I made my dad a Mii
id: 18547
For comparison..
id: 18548
Me vs my dad
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