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03/12/07 - Grandma plays Wii, Wii comes to Clark, whiteboard fun, electronics

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id: 18549
My 81 year old grandmother took a round at Wii Bowling
id: 18550
She was pretty good!
id: 18551
Say it loud, say it proud
id: 18552
My Wii in its new home.. kind of a shrine
id: 18553
Closeup of the Wii logo
id: 18554
The Wiimote
id: 18555
The top of the Wiimote
id: 18556
The power button on the Wii
id: 18557
The sensor bar
id: 18558
The plastic stand sticks to the TV
id: 18559
The back of my Japanese story. I forgot there was a back..
id: 18560
Brandon gets read to box
id: 18561
A hook with the left!
id: 18562
Get him with the right!
id: 18563
Don't forget to block your face!
id: 18564
Get him, Brandon!
id: 18565
Just don't punch the TV!
id: 18566
A longer exposure of some Wii action
id: 18567
He's blurry with the movement
id: 18568
Our checks from PayPerPost finally arrived. Watch for us on a commercial on national TV!
id: 18569
Some cops on horses rode by since there was a parade on Park Ave
id: 18570
I just barely got these shots out
id: 18571
Bryce is psyched
id: 18572
Bryce drew this picture of Kratos killing other video game characters. Although later he said Kratos didn't do it..
id: 18573
Mel drew this crazy picture of Bill Cosby. Be sure to click on it..
id: 18574
One of my awesome new LCD screens
id: 18575
It is enormous
id: 18576
And it is gorgeous. These are the wires for the backlight
id: 18577
Very fine wires on the back
id: 18578
Lots of integrated circuits
id: 18579
And some capacitors?
id: 18580
More ICs
id: 18581
id: 18582
This is where the data goes. 20 pin interface
id: 18583
Quarter for scale. This thing is going to be beautiful if I can figure out how to use it
id: 18584
Messing around with a keypad..
id: 18585
See? It works.. kind of
id: 18586
Closeup of the keypad
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