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04/04/07 - Jesus Christ!! Also fun with a smoke ring gun, sparks, cold, electronics, and AIDS

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id: 18643
These people walked by my window
id: 18644
I ran out to get some pictures of them
id: 18645
They talked for a while here
id: 18646
And off he goes
id: 18647
"Jesus" seems pretty psyched
id: 18648
The dude in the orange was beating on him
id: 18649
Brett nearly tied my strike record (7 in a row)
id: 18650
My new smoke ring gun
id: 18651
A closeup of the fog chamber
id: 18652
The Zero Blaster
id: 18653
The fog liquid holder
id: 18654
Two tanks. After a while the empty tank fillls up and you have to transfer the liquid to the full tank
id: 18655
It takes a lot of batteries, 6 AA's
id: 18656
There are three triggers. The small one on the bottom turns on the heater. The big level pulls fog into the chamber. The trigger fires a ring
id: 18657
There are a few speed settings
id: 18658
Filling with fog..
id: 18659
Fog's leaking out
id: 18660
id: 18661
A small ring
id: 18662
It's hard to shoot towards theh camera with one hand
id: 18663
Leaking out..
id: 18664
Smoke ring!
id: 18665
Look at it go!
id: 18666
From the side
id: 18667
A squiddy kind of smoke ring
id: 18668
Another ring, these are taken with a flash
id: 18669
Lots of rings!
id: 18670
The one in the middle looks like a heart!
id: 18671
A slower ring
id: 18672
Another slow ring
id: 18673
A ring with no tail!
id: 18674
This one got all warped while I tried to take its picture
id: 18675
Brett sure looks menacing
id: 18676
Charging up..
id: 18677
id: 18678
Ring from the side
id: 18679
A fainter ring
id: 18680
Note all the fog gathering around the laptop
id: 18681
Brett takes another shot
id: 18682
A nice solid ring
id: 18683
My new tool
id: 18684
It makes sparks at 3000* C
id: 18685
That's only about 2000 degrees cooler than the surface of the sun!
id: 18686
id: 18687
id: 18688
id: 18689
id: 18690
My keyring
id: 18691
It has various tools to make it quieter
id: 18692
My Ninja Remove, a universal TV remote
id: 18693
I caught the common cold!
id: 18694
He hangs out on my monitor
id: 18695
My swipe card reader
id: 18696
I haven't had much sucecss with it
id: 18697
It beeps if you swipe a card the right way
id: 18698
My new PIC programmer
id: 18699
It rocks
id: 18700
Some AIDS demonstration in Red Square
id: 18701
Lots of buckets
id: 18702
id: 18703
This picture made it into the school newspaper
id: 18704
Lots of AIDS buckets
id: 18705
AIDS buckets in front of Jonas Clark
id: 18706
A bucket
id: 18707
Lots of rows
id: 18708
Poor Freud
id: 18709
What the hell does this even mean?
id: 18710
The buckets used to all have candles in them.. some still do
id: 18711
id: 18712
Loooots of buckets
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