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04/18/07 - Sisters visiting, bowling with Becky, fun at 86, and Clark James visits, kind of

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id: 18831
Some construction in the Lasry Building
id: 18832
id: 18833
Chris gave a talk on plasma math in Numerical Analysis
id: 18834
Ice 9, no doubt a reference to the recent death of Kurt Vonnegut
id: 18835
A mysterious shipping container. Turned out to be full of windows
id: 18836
Our IDs are so faded that me and Brett almost look the same
id: 18837
Rosie's sister and a friend
id: 18838
Rosie's sister takes a shot at the Wii
id: 18839
Tony with one of his "girly drinks"
id: 18840
Rosie helps out
id: 18841
Wii is fun
id: 18842
Bryce makes a face with his "Ragin' Red" drink
id: 18843
I got all classy and bought some Crown Royal
id: 18844
It comes in a bag
id: 18845
And a fancy bottle
id: 18846
id: 18847
Nice cap too
id: 18848
Brett made his own grapefruit juice
id: 18849
That's pretty weird, Brett
id: 18850
It was so it wouldn't shoot him in the eye
id: 18851
Time to feast on the entrails of his kill
id: 18852
We found this monstrosity in a bag of tostitos
id: 18853
What is it?
id: 18854
It was pretty big
id: 18855
Blackstone is nearly done
id: 18856
A concrete mixer thing
id: 18857
Someone dropped a bunch of bricks
id: 18858
Some yellow goo?
id: 18859
There are frames around most of the windows now
id: 18860
I ran into Brandon and Smash
id: 18861
Hey guys
id: 18862
A quick pose
id: 18863
Coming over to see the picture..
id: 18864
The back of Bryce's car is a mess
id: 18865
Bryce's trunk
id: 18866
There are so many empty hot dog containers
id: 18867
A bag of trash..
id: 18868
Bryce cleans up
id: 18869
He filled a whole bag
id: 18870
Brett and Tony hang out
id: 18871
Leather jacket club?
id: 18872
The front of Bryce's car isn't much less messy than the back
id: 18873
Tony found a gross shirt
id: 18874
And threw it at Brett!!
id: 18875
Tony thought it was funny
id: 18876
Bryce driving
id: 18877
A comic on the side of a building
id: 18878
This is a messed up statue.. it's right in front of Worcester City Hall too!
id: 18879
A carnival
id: 18880
Some cops
id: 18881
The carnival again
id: 18882
We found Becky!
id: 18883
Tony's all squished up
id: 18884
Driving along
id: 18885
Becky makes a weird face
id: 18886
Becky checks out Worcester
id: 18887
id: 18888
"Why do you keep taking pictures?"
id: 18889
"Stop it!"
id: 18890
Becky made it to our room at last
id: 18891
Hanging out at my desk
id: 18892
Playing some Wii
id: 18893
A firetruck was outside for a few minutes
id: 18894
Following Bryc'es car to a bowling alley
id: 18895
Oh yeah?
id: 18896
id: 18897
Tony driving
id: 18898
Our destination
id: 18899
That bowling alley stunk, so we left
id: 18900
Walking back to the parking lot
id: 18901
A funny store across the street
id: 18902
Bryce's car
id: 18903
Tony and Brandon
id: 18904
Brett standing around
id: 18905
Brandon in theh parking lot
id: 18906
id: 18907
Red light
id: 18908
id: 18909
Bouncy bouncy
id: 18910
Almost got it!
id: 18911
Fusion AH!
id: 18912
Brett 's about to tip over
id: 18913
My spiffy shoes
id: 18914
Becky gets some water before bowling
id: 18915
Brnadon stands around
id: 18916
It's candlepin, but it's still fun
id: 18917
The teams are formed..
id: 18918
It turned out to be campus dwellers vs. apartment dwellers
id: 18919
Disaster on frame #1!
id: 18920
Becky's having fun
id: 18921
Team Apartment stands around
id: 18922
The owner explains the rules of the game to us
id: 18923
He was a wicked cool dude
id: 18924
Bryce listened closely
id: 18925
Smashley headed down the lane to pick up the rogue pin
id: 18926
Eveveryone standing around
id: 18927
The camo goes well with the bowling shoes
id: 18928
Someone snapped this pics while I was bowling
id: 18929
I didn't do too badly
id: 18930
Here I go again
id: 18931
I had to go get a bowling ball
id: 18932
Becky's new bowling technique
id: 18933
Bryce approaches the line..
id: 18934
..and away it goes!
id: 18935
Imminent impact
id: 18936
Brett's turn
id: 18937
Tony let's one go
id: 18938
Smashley's ball is still in the air!
id: 18939
Becky's technique worked out pretty well for her
id: 18940
Brandon takes a turn
id: 18941
Tony prepares himself
id: 18942
The ball's a blur!
id: 18943
The whole group
id: 18944
Tony's lines up another shot
id: 18945
The view from the bowling ball holder
id: 18946
Some bowling balls
id: 18947
Bryce looks angry
id: 18948
"Haven't you ever heard of a candlepin before?"
id: 18949
Becky and Brandon bowling
id: 18950
A fresh frame
id: 18951
Smashley and Becky
id: 18952
Smash looks down the lane
id: 18953
Brett's technique didn't help him out all that much
id: 18954
Tony blinked!
id: 18955
We broke this rule a few times...
id: 18956
Brandon and Smashley watch the game
id: 18957
Brandon wasn't too happy with his game
id: 18958
Bryce lets one fly
id: 18959
Smashley's down the lane again, but was stopped by the structure
id: 18960
She was afraid to get the pin
id: 18961
"It was loud and scary!"
id: 18962
Disaster for the pins!
id: 18963
Another ball comes back
id: 18964
Pin chaos!
id: 18965
The final score for Team Campus, game 1
id: 18966
The final score for Team Apartment game 1
id: 18967
We were all really good at getting the pins on the ends
id: 18968
Bryce watches someone bowl
id: 18969
Becky looks like she's having fun
id: 18970
Bryce does some kind of crazy dance
id: 18971
Team Campus, game 2
id: 18972
Bryce's Japanese ID makes him look totally insane
id: 18973
Becky's BSC ID
id: 18974
Smashley and Becky pose
id: 18975
We realized that Bryce makes the same face no matter what he's impersonating
id: 18976
This is probably a fish or something
id: 18977
Brandon and Tony
id: 18978
Me and Becky pose
id: 18979
Smashley prepares the hookah
id: 18980
Brandon puts on some music, which Bryce insisted on playing through the TV
id: 18981
Brandon takes a hit from the hookah
id: 18982
Smashley's turn
id: 18983
Becky made me take a picture of her kissing this bottle but she didn't even drink it
id: 18984
Sitting on the couch
id: 18985
Becky, Smashley, and Bryce pose
id: 18986
Bryce is tkaing a nap or something
id: 18987
Tony explains something
id: 18988
Bryce looks more and more insane in every picture
id: 18989
A weird flash picture of Brett
id: 18990
We took the couch out of the common room for the night
id: 18991
It was pretty sweet
id: 18992
Becky's a really sound sleeper so me and Brett made funny faces near her and took this picture
id: 18993
Becky doesn't seem too thrilled by Clark's brunch, then again, who would be?
id: 18994
Not Brett.
id: 18995
Clark James on video Skype
id: 18996
Spree Day was inside this year
id: 18997
There were a lot of people in the UC
id: 18998
It was madness!
id: 18999
People near the stairs
id: 19000
People gathering around Tilton. Note the bouncy castle inside
id: 19001
Everyone on the stairs
id: 19002
Brandon tries some Super Mario World while Bryce watches
id: 19003
Smashley doesn't seem too psyched. Bryce is into it though
id: 19004
Tony and Rosie have a toast while Brett watches Wii
id: 19005
And drink!
id: 19006
That was fun
id: 19007
id: 19008
Brandon watching Wii
id: 19009
Clark James had a virtual toast with us!
id: 19010
Like a true college student, Tony eats two slices of pizza at once
id: 19011
Bryce in the chair
id: 19012
They already beat Super Mario World!?
id: 19013
Bryce gave Clark James the Bryce Eye View
id: 19014
Tony helped him to steady it
id: 19015
Brandon's got the cmaera now
id: 19016
Brandon ate some pizza to make Clark James jealous
id: 19017
He didn't make him jealous
id: 19018
But he did creep everyone out
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