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04/19/07 - ANIME BOSTON - Day 0, Thursday. Staff setting up, dealing with problems. Fun fun!

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id: 19019
The Prudential Center in the distance
id: 19020
This was the view from the passenger seat in Mel's car
id: 19021
She parked right under and enormous pipe
id: 19022
At least she'll remember where she parked it
id: 19023
This seems a bit excessive
id: 19024
A cool waterfall thing on a wall
id: 19025
More of the waterfall thing
id: 19026
The Prudential Tower!
id: 19027
I can zoom now :D
id: 19028
I got this free notebook from some store
id: 19029
I made a paper crane with the sign from the previous picture
id: 19030
I left it there
id: 19031
Me in the elevator
id: 19032
My roommates weren't there, but the closet was open and I saw some pretty cool costumes
id: 19033
My hotel room. Since Mel didn't stay there and the other two roommates were engaged, I got a bed!
id: 19034
The top of some building
id: 19035
Why are there plants on top of this roof?
id: 19036
A cool dome building
id: 19037
A slightly garbled panorama from my window
id: 19038
With the zoom lens I can see people on the street.... not creepy at all
id: 19039
An airplane landing at Logan. This is maximum optical zoom
id: 19040
Here's the same airplane with a little digital zoom added for the hell of it
id: 19041
There's already a line of people who have preregistered!
id: 19042
A huge pile of bags!
id: 19043
Registration staff hard at work
id: 19044
This guy gave me my badge!
id: 19045
More bags for con goers
id: 19046
The professional photographer's got nothing on me
id: 19047
My badge! They made me use my real name since I'm staff, but I still have a sharpie!
id: 19048
Anime Boston maps!
id: 19049
Directory listing
id: 19050
At the Hynes at last!
id: 19051
Wooo! I didn't know that!
id: 19052
Tech staff putting together the stage for Main Events
id: 19053
Some people needed a break
id: 19054
The guys on the cherry picker are putting up lights
id: 19055
This room sure is big
id: 19056
Putting lights way up there!
id: 19057
The guys on the cherry picker were in for a surprise later..
id: 19058
Push that box!
id: 19059
Close that box!
id: 19060
This guy led me to Con Ops. We got water bottles this year!
id: 19061
Someone dragging something through the world's biggest room
id: 19062
Checking in at Con Ops
id: 19063
The 2007 tech staff shirt!
id: 19064
The professional photographer was at Con Ops too!
id: 19065
Security shirts
id: 19066
Tech shirts
id: 19067
I put my water bottle on my clippy thing
id: 19068
A closeup of the water bottle
id: 19069
Some floorplans of the Hynes
id: 19070
My first job was to bring this box to 312.. I brought it to 313.. oops
id: 19071
MIT in the distance!
id: 19072
Lots of cables!
id: 19073
A mixer
id: 19074
So many dials!
id: 19075
The hallways are reeaallly long
id: 19076
That's odd.. the fire alarm is going off
id: 19077
Oh no!! The guys on the cherry picker broke a sprinkler head and it's raining in Main Events!
id: 19078
This is a disaster! All available staff dropped what they were doing and ran to help
id: 19079
Everyone drags boxes out of the way
id: 19080
The puddle grows..
id: 19081
It's raining inside!
id: 19082
Going back for more boxes..
id: 19083
Setting up a screen
id: 19084
It's a nice break from the chaos in Main Events
id: 19085
Putting the top on
id: 19086
Putting the legs on
id: 19087
id: 19088
Mike Lee sitting down? Impossible!
id: 19089
Desmond tries to figure out what's going on
id: 19090
Mike Lee talking about some task that needs to be done..
id: 19091
"Go do it"
id: 19092
Someone made the Des-mometer
id: 19093
Me with my Naruto headband
id: 19094
This girl was tired
id: 19095
My first cosplayer of the con!
id: 19096
Portable, non-perishable, non-meltable food for my pocket!
id: 19097
id: 19098
We stopped by Program Ops
id: 19099
When people ask me what I do as a staffer...
id: 19100
.. this is it. I push boxes (and run DVD players)
id: 19101
I'm sparkly I guess
id: 19102
MIT at sunset
id: 19103
Dave looks at the speaker pole
id: 19104
We were in charge of setting up the karaoke room
id: 19105
Big heavy speakers
id: 19106
The Security staff all sit together
id: 19107
So does the tech staff
id: 19108
B-kun talks to the heads of the con
id: 19109
Now that is a big projector..
id: 19110
More security people
id: 19111
B-kun tries to decide where to sit. Should he sit over here..
id: 19112
... or over here?
id: 19113
I got another picture of a flash going off!
id: 19114
Maybe he should sit over here?
id: 19115
Or maybe he'll do what he does best and pose! Go B-kun go!
id: 19116
Keith asks "Who wants this 2006 Digi Charat calendar"
id: 19117
B-Kun tries to convince someone in security to take it
id: 19118
Tech staffers
id: 19119
Blue vs Orange!
id: 19120
The 2007 AMV ballot, front
id: 19121
The 2007 AMV ballot, back
id: 19122
Hooray for the blue shirts!
id: 19123
This girl was sick
id: 19124
Dave tweaks the equipment
id: 19125
So many switches!
id: 19126
That is an enormous TV
id: 19127
Traffic going by outside
id: 19128
id: 19129
Someone cut a penny in half with EMT scissors
id: 19130
It went right through!
id: 19131
I tried to put it back together
id: 19132
It's not going to happen
id: 19133
Mike Lee talks to the tech staff at our meeting
id: 19134
What's he talking about?
id: 19135
Desmond and Mike
id: 19136
Rick showed up too!
id: 19137
Going over points..
id: 19138
Poor Desmond
id: 19139
The staffers listen to their bosses
id: 19140
Why is here so much orange here!?
id: 19141
My schedule for the con. Not bad! I work at the AMV contest and I'm free for the masquerade
id: 19142
Don't people know that radioactivity is bad for your health?
id: 19143
The cover of the program guide. I like it!
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