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04/20/07 - ANIME BOSTON - Day 1, Friday. Con goers are here, panels, videos, events

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id: 19144
Anime: A family event!
id: 19145
A Rock Lee with Mentos! A reference to McKeed's video!
id: 19146
Con goers!!
id: 19147
People filing in for opening ceremonies
id: 19148
A row of people waiting for opening ceremonies to start
id: 19149
There are a lot of people here
id: 19150
This is where the sprinkler head broke
id: 19151
id: 19152
I moved up to the balcony
id: 19153
The whole place is nearly full!
id: 19154
Tech staff on the sound boards
id: 19155
B-kun and A-chan address the audience
id: 19156
Their theme this year is "matsuri" or "celebration"
id: 19157
The mascots on the big screen
id: 19158
The con chair and vice con chair.
id: 19159
Keith and Andrea
id: 19160
Free stuff!!? Rush the stage!!
id: 19161
One of the Japanese guests
id: 19162
Cool jacket dude
id: 19163
Cool jacket dude stands on the side
id: 19164
Another Japanese guest
id: 19165
This guest is tilting his head
id: 19166
Another Japanese guest
id: 19167
Looking around...
id: 19168
Greg Ayres is here every year!
id: 19169
He loves this con
id: 19170
Good call Greg
id: 19171
The crowd and the screen
id: 19172
Another American guest
id: 19173
Dub guest..
id: 19174
She seemed pretty psyched
id: 19175
"My fellow americans.."
id: 19176
Funny joke
id: 19177
It's one of those producer guys
id: 19178
He has another big announcement this year
id: 19179
Luci Christian was really psyched about being here
id: 19180
Another American guest
id: 19181
id: 19182
id: 19183
We have a lot of guests
id: 19184
He was pretty funny
id: 19185
Guest talks..
id: 19186
The con chairs on the big screen
id: 19187
The stage..
id: 19188
An impromptu skit with the English voice of Roy Mustang imitating his character
id: 19189
Very funny guys
id: 19190
A guest on the big screen
id: 19191
A griffon!?
id: 19192
Kingdom Hearts (?) and FMA
id: 19193
We record all the panels thanks to McKeed..
id: 19194
Haha, this is for you Brett
id: 19195
Testing microphones before a panel
id: 19196
Japanese guests arrive!
id: 19197
The panel had a pretty big crowd
id: 19198
Patrick was the panel moderator
id: 19199
People in the audience asked questions
id: 19200
Patrick on the table
id: 19201
id: 19202
One of these guys was a director on Ranma 1/2
id: 19203
They were pretty funny
id: 19204
Luci Christian
id: 19205
Among other things she's the English Princess Tutu
id: 19206
Speaking of Princess Tutu!
id: 19207
Awesome costume!
id: 19208
Luci Christian and some guy
id: 19209
Solid Snake!
id: 19210
A bunny thing!
id: 19211
Haru from FLCL! Freaky eyes!
id: 19212
Meanwhile, in Tech Ops..
id: 19213
Chii and Freya
id: 19214
McKeed at Anime Boston!
id: 19215
He's selling pins and stuff
id: 19216
McKeed yells at Bryce for not coming
id: 19217
The Paper!
id: 19218
Nice costume
id: 19219
Very funny Sketch
id: 19220
Nice Jiraiya costume
id: 19221
Peach and Mario!
id: 19222
He's got a 1-up!
id: 19223
Lara Croft took a break from tomb raiding
id: 19224
Rei and Asuka are back!
id: 19225
Really amazing plugsuit costumes
id: 19226
Apparently the 5 button isn't all that popular
id: 19227
My new FMA watch
id: 19228
I don't even know if the inside is accurate. Ah well, it's stil neato
id: 19229
My "?" box pillow! If you hit it it makes the coin noise from Mario
id: 19230
I bought a Longcat pin set from McKeed
id: 19231
Some planes with signs
id: 19232
There were three planes
id: 19233
Digital zoooom
id: 19234
I can't really read this one
id: 19235
Looking through my water bottle..
id: 19236
Airplanes lining up to land
id: 19237
15 second exposures are fun
id: 19238
Metal Jesus!
id: 19239
Oh no!! Pedobear!
id: 19240
Kankurou and some of his puppets!
id: 19241
Pretty impressive costumes
id: 19242
There was a small impromptu photoshoot
id: 19243
These guys stood here until they got 100 pictures. I was #94
id: 19244
San looks like she's eating a kill in the corner
id: 19245
People standing around one of the new plasma screens
id: 19246
Behind the Main Events screen
id: 19247
Sitting at the Tech station at Main Events
id: 19248
The default screen
id: 19249
People filling up the auditorium
id: 19250
AMV Ballot, second side
id: 19251
AMV Ballot, first side. The AMVs kind of stunk this year but there were some gems
id: 19252
Seras and Alucard!
id: 19253
The 4chan crew
id: 19254
Don't open Pedobear's box!!
id: 19255
He taunts us with it
id: 19256
The 4chan panel
id: 19257
The guy leading the 4chan panel
id: 19258
He just kind of yelled a bunch of memes
id: 19259
It kind of stunk
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