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04/27/07 - Nice weather, Academic Spree Day, squirrel, and Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek at Clark

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id: 20352
This looks pretty suspicious
id: 20353
I decided that eating one of these was probably a bad idea
id: 20354
It was pretty nice out!
id: 20355
Trees are budding
id: 20356
Look at them go
id: 20357
Waiting outside the Lasry center
id: 20358
Cool lighting
id: 20359
The UC
id: 20360
15 second exposure from the ground
id: 20361
A creepy exhibit that had live feeds from all over campus
id: 20362
Hey, I know that name
id: 20363
Tilton was busy
id: 20364
Tilton from above
id: 20365
This was the image people were treated to before we started out slideshow
id: 20366
Some guy tries to talk to Bryce
id: 20367
Doesn't Bryce look thrilled to see Nick?
id: 20368
Anthony and Professor Valentine
id: 20369
More people showed up than I expected
id: 20370
The end of the slideshow
id: 20371
We're in the Academic Spree Day book!
id: 20372
Yes, that book
id: 20373
This was was cleaning his tail
id: 20374
He was also trying to hide from the rain
id: 20375
Have I been spotted?
id: 20376
I doubt it, I'm 40 feet away and inside
id: 20377
Squirrel on the move!
id: 20378
He's falling over!
id: 20379
He's alright!
id: 20380
Haha, note the date on this one
id: 20381
Razzo hall is pretty nice
id: 20382
A kind of panorama thing of Razzo Hall
id: 20383
President Bassett talks to someone
id: 20384
Bassett walking around
id: 20385
People gathering in the audience
id: 20386
Chairs of destiny?
id: 20387
Bassett checks out hte podium
id: 20388
Some tech guy did something
id: 20389
Invisible high five?
id: 20390
Guys in PhD robes
id: 20391
Frank Wilczek, Nobel Prize winning physicist
id: 20392
Blue Robe looks lonely
id: 20393
Luckily Red Robe came to visit
id: 20394
What started as innocent picture of the audience ended as a really freaky picture of some girl
id: 20395
Good crowd
id: 20396
Nice T-shirt, Frank!
id: 20397
Loving the sneaks too
id: 20398
Red Robe stands around
id: 20399
Basset and Black Robe
id: 20400
Frank looks at notes or something
id: 20401
Black Robe looks around
id: 20402
Frank looks a little suspicoius
id: 20403
Blue Robe won't look at me
id: 20404
Red Robe is looking to the side too
id: 20405
Yellow Robe is looking too, there must be something interesting over there
id: 20406
Bassett fixes his hat
id: 20407
Blue Robe up close
id: 20408
Bassett talking to the audience
id: 20409
I was the only one in the front row for a while
id: 20410
An abandoned cell phone
id: 20411
All the professors sitting around
id: 20412
Black Robe gives a short speech
id: 20413
Bassett seems to be having a good time
id: 20414
Yellow Robe told a long story about some Clark physicist
id: 20415
Yep, the podium
id: 20416
Bassett seemed to be getting a kick out of it
id: 20417
Bassett holds Frank's honorary degree
id: 20418
Red Robe sets it up
id: 20419
Blue Robe's not really involved
id: 20420
Bassett's super psyched
id: 20421
Frank waits for his degree
id: 20422
Red Robe continues his delivery
id: 20423
Yellow Robe.. takes a nap?
id: 20424
Basset's ready
id: 20425
Red Robe wraps up
id: 20426
Bassett has something to say
id: 20427
Blue Robe attacks!!!
id: 20428
Ohhh he's just giving Frank a hood
id: 20429
I guess it's OK then
id: 20430
Frank gets his degree
id: 20431
Everybody claps
id: 20432
Frank looks pretty happy about it
id: 20433
That didn't last, Frank's off changing out of his robe and there's his degree
id: 20434
Good ol' Normal Frank
id: 20435
Setting up his powerpoint
id: 20436
That's the name of the slideshow
id: 20437
This is what empty space is full of, quantum fluctuations
id: 20438
It was a big screen
id: 20439
This is pretty much all of science
id: 20440
Frank the slideshow man
id: 20441
He looks like a mad scientist with his glasses lit up like that
id: 20442
Click the button!
id: 20443
Go Frank go
id: 20444
Unification <3 SUSY (super symmetry)
id: 20445
Brain = internet? Hey, that's an assignment! Oh nooes!
id: 20446
Frank stands on stage after his slideshow
id: 20447
Bassett tells us to all go outside Razzo Hall to meet up with Frank
id: 20448
Here's some information about who Frank Wilczek is
id: 20449
It's pretty long
id: 20450
It was hard to talk to Frank in the crowd
id: 20451
There were lots of people there
id: 20452
Frank tells a story
id: 20453
This thing scared the hell out of me
id: 20454
I didn't want to get anywhere near it in case it grabbed me
id: 20455
id: 20456
My MCLR, what's the deal??
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