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05/16/07 - All night in the lab, moving out, minigolf, goofing off at home, and some birds

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id: 20687
Clark James and Bryce sing me a song
id: 20688
They're not very good
id: 20689
Steve thinks over his next move
id: 20690
What now, Steve?
id: 20691
It's the moon
id: 20692
Look at that moon
id: 20693
It's a big moon
id: 20694
Moon moon moon
id: 20695
The moon over the intersection
id: 20696
A car at the intersection
id: 20697
This is where I was... all night
id: 20698
At least I had my chair
id: 20699
I spent 17 hours straight in the lab
id: 20700
An analysis of Risk?
id: 20701
The moon again
id: 20702
It's lighter out
id: 20703
id: 20704
id: 20705
The moon over the Lasry building.. it moved quite a ways
id: 20706
Bluer sky..
id: 20707
Lasry Building at sunrise
id: 20708
While Clark James was drunk he left this.. cryptic.. message on Brett's laptop
id: 20709
Apparently the new dorm comes with Graboid defenses!
id: 20710
Alina and Steve signed my laptop.. much to Alina's distress, Steve added something
id: 20711
Aliva's revenge!
id: 20712
"How can you write that on someone else's laptop!?"
id: 20713
Tony came to work on his paper
id: 20714
Work work work
id: 20715
Hi Tony
id: 20716
Tony's sleepy
id: 20717
...and covered in Post-Its
id: 20718
Haallooo Tony
id: 20719
I wrote this on the board before our Numerical final
id: 20720
I found a place for all my pictures
id: 20721
Brett packs up
id: 20722
It didn't take long
id: 20723
Bye Brett! See you in the Fall
id: 20724
A McDonalds with the golden arches!
id: 20725
We went minigolfing
id: 20726
Session 9?
id: 20727
James has a club
id: 20728
You can't hide from me, James
id: 20729
I had the blue ball
id: 20730
Rob came too
id: 20731
James takes pictures
id: 20732
Balls on the green
id: 20733
Some kind of crazy crap
id: 20734
id: 20735
id: 20736
Rob takes his turn
id: 20737
James watches on
id: 20738
A big hole in the middle of the course
id: 20739
Fountain and river
id: 20740
This is how people in the 1800's combed their hair
id: 20741
We all ended up right next to each other
id: 20742
James takes a break on the bridge
id: 20743
James hit the ball waaay off course. See it by his foot?
id: 20744
A little tai chi?
id: 20745
Oops, took this picture a little bit too early
id: 20746
James found this messed up golf ball
id: 20747
Someone really wailed on this
id: 20748
A duck!
id: 20749
The duck's walking away
id: 20750
James follows the duck
id: 20751
The duck doesn't like James
id: 20752
The duck was more afraid of James than me since he went running past me
id: 20753
The duck retreats to the water
id: 20754
I can still take your picture
id: 20755
He's coming towards me!
id: 20756
Bye, duck
id: 20757
James is making waves
id: 20758
Get out of the river, James
id: 20759
Fountains are cool
id: 20760
A helicopter!
id: 20761
Lots of golf balls on the driving range
id: 20762
Signs in the distance
id: 20763
James and Rob standing around
id: 20764
This can not end well
id: 20765
Oh James, you've sunk so far
id: 20766
A crazy car crash on the highway
id: 20767
I hope everyone was OK
id: 20768
Strawberry smells Rob
id: 20769
Rob seems indifferent
id: 20770
Strawberry checks out this box
id: 20771
Rob looks kind of like Zabusa
id: 20772
Whoa! Relax!
id: 20773
Strawberry checks out my backpack
id: 20774
Another strange face
id: 20775
This strange face brought to you by Rob
id: 20776
Strawberry is helpless
id: 20777
Poor kitty
id: 20778
Now he looks comfy
id: 20779
Rob busts the Rock look
id: 20780
Rob's just walking along
id: 20781
Strawberry found a lap
id: 20782
Hi Strawberry
id: 20783
Strawberry looks at James
id: 20784
Old and busted..
id: 20785
New hotness
id: 20786
Guess what I watched first...
id: 20787
My old boom box.. too broken to use, off it goes
id: 20788
Best buy has a huge pile of PS3s
id: 20789
Strawberry sits on James
id: 20790
My birthday / mother's day card to my mom
id: 20791
It's meee
id: 20792
A bird on a power line
id: 20793
Hello bird
id: 20794
He's about to fly away
id: 20795
Gotta love the focus blur
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