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05/23/07 - Airplanes, kittens (!!!), and more airplanes... human controlled this time

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id: 20864
This guy looks like he's maliciously chasing this kid
id: 20865
James didn't think I'd get the shot off.. I did
id: 20866
id: 20867
Green plane
id: 20868
It flies pretty well, but there's no control
id: 20869
15 second exposure
id: 20870
What's James doing over there?
id: 20871
James is ravin'
id: 20872
This tree is hilarious
id: 20873
Green plane up close
id: 20874
From the front
id: 20875
From the top
id: 20876
No surprise here
id: 20877
I went a little crazy and bought this
id: 20878
Rob's totally insane rockets. They fly like 200 feet up
id: 20879
Oooo, Storm Launcher
id: 20880
It takes EIGHT AA batteries!
id: 20881
Out of the packaging
id: 20882
Ninja, one of Rob's kittens
id: 20883
He's sitting on me
id: 20884
id: 20885
Mischief hangs out with James
id: 20886
Walking around
id: 20887
What's over here?
id: 20888
It's tough to get down
id: 20889
Bothering kittens
id: 20890
Light up kitty!
id: 20891
Hello Ninja
id: 20892
Mischief takes a walk
id: 20893
Time for a nap
id: 20894
id: 20895
Friday is sleeping
id: 20896
Mischief sits on Rob
id: 20897
Look out, Rob!
id: 20898
He decided to just chill out here
id: 20899
Rob's door... hmmm
id: 20900
This was really underexposed but it was the best we got.. I'm covered in kittens!!
id: 20901
Now Rob's covered in kittens!
id: 20902
So many kittens!
id: 20903
Four at once! It's too much to handle
id: 20904
James' turn
id: 20905
Covered in kittens
id: 20906
What's in this thing?
id: 20907
James flies the Storm Launcher
id: 20908
You can see it in the distance
id: 20909
Look at it go
id: 20910
Flying back towards me
id: 20911
Flying away!
id: 20912
It came back!
id: 20913
Charging takes about 30 minutes
id: 20914
James' new piercing, an "Industrial"
id: 20915
An actual airplane
id: 20916
An old school airplane, aka a bird
id: 20917
Bye bird
id: 20918
Rob tries to get his rocket from James
id: 20919
And James retaliates!!
id: 20920
Stuck in a treeee.. for the first time
id: 20921
Rob hanging out on the slide
id: 20922
James joins him
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