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05/29/07 - Cleaning up, routine hospital visit, new LCD monitor, and an R/C helicopter!

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id: 20923
Becky hanging out
id: 20924
Hi Becky
id: 20925
I threw this paper airplane off the Empire State Building
id: 20926
See? I told you
id: 20927
My old box! I've had this forever
id: 20928
But it's all gross and has goo on it somehow, so I threw it out
id: 20929
A bunny!
id: 20930
Another bunny!!
id: 20931
Some Beany art
id: 20932
My autograph from B of B&M
id: 20933
Ultrasound is fun
id: 20934
Lots of controls
id: 20935
My kidney (left) and (very full) bladder (right)
id: 20936
They're after my blood!
id: 20937
Taking lots of blood
id: 20938
Four tubes!
id: 20939
He did a good job
id: 20940
Gross, it's like, splattering on the side of the tube
id: 20941
id: 20942
Is this good?
id: 20943
Strawberry and Isabelle hanging out
id: 20944
Isabelle pretty much always looks this panicked
id: 20945
What's up guys
id: 20946
Helloooo Isabelle
id: 20947
Check out what my dad got at the laundromatte
id: 20948
A double headed quarter!
id: 20949
If you look closely (you can't tell in this picture) you can tell someone made this, not the mint
id: 20950
This router looked like it was about to pounce on me
id: 20951
My new LCD monitor!
id: 20952
Opened box
id: 20953
id: 20954
The support for the screen
id: 20955
The base
id: 20956
I put a quarter in the bottom left for scale
id: 20957
Oh goody
id: 20958
Nice specs!
id: 20959
I love my new setup.. I have a desk again!
id: 20960
Aoi looks happy
id: 20961
I can't believe this is a toy. It has realistic sounds, pump action... it even ejects "spent" cartridges
id: 20962
What the hell is this!? A creepy stuffed homeless person?
id: 20963
15 second exposure of airplanes
id: 20964
The newest addition to my air force
id: 20965
The tiny power switch and charging port
id: 20966
The Havoc Heli
id: 20967
From the front
id: 20968
The tail rotor
id: 20969
Some kind of protected gear
id: 20970
The gear, more from the top
id: 20971
The helicopter in action!
id: 20972
On the ground
id: 20973
It's hard to fly and take pictures at the same time
id: 20974
Coming towards me
id: 20975
Flying awaaaay
id: 20976
Isabelle doesn't like it
id: 20977
Isabelle with her nemesis
id: 20978
Isabelle lurks in the distance
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