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06/03/07 - Cats, new dish washer, Wii, and a creepy red moon

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id: 20979
This cat is on the defensive..
id: 20980
..and this is why.
id: 20981
Two cats in a basket
id: 20982
James talks to the cat
id: 20983
Old dishwasher. Crappy and broken
id: 20984
I like the company name
id: 20985
During... no dishwasher at all!
id: 20986
Becky does The Elephant on Smooth Moves
id: 20987
The Waiter
id: 20988
Becky and Carolyn playing Wii
id: 20989
New dishwasher!
id: 20990
Up close
id: 20991
I love this book cover
id: 20992
All the books we got rid of. Mostly from my room
id: 20993
This is kind of a strange sign
id: 20994
We found this next to the highway
id: 20995
James shows off the other size
id: 20996
I think this is the new Strangest Fortune
id: 20997
I've never seen this on Massachusetts TV!
id: 20998
Creepy red moon
id: 20999
It's blurry, but you get the idea
id: 21000
Red moon!
id: 21001
Blood red moon with the street light
id: 21002
Slightly longer exposure
id: 21003
id: 21004
Non-zoomed moon
id: 21005
We drove to Boston to go to a particular 7/11. I snapped this at a red light
id: 21006
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