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06/10/07 - Becky and Strawberry, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Grace, my cousin Amy's daughter, is baptised

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id: 21007
Becky and Strawberry hanging out
id: 21008
Laptops are fun
id: 21009
Strawberry wonders what I'm up to
id: 21010
Strawberry is Becky's copilot
id: 21011
Go Strawberry Go
id: 21012
Strawberry checks out my new chair
id: 21013
He seems to like it
id: 21014
An old bug
id: 21015
Laser Tag, Round 1
id: 21016
Laser Tag, Round 2
id: 21017
Laser Tag, Round 3
id: 21018
Strawberry helped himself to my bed
id: 21019
He crawled right under the blankets
id: 21020
The pieces for Hungry Hungry Hippos
id: 21021
Rob gets his colors ready
id: 21022
Muffie's got some monies!
id: 21023
James rips open a bag of parts
id: 21024
Hippo pieces everywhere
id: 21025
My hippo, up close
id: 21026
Rob is green!
id: 21027
James yelled at me for filming him filming
id: 21028
My dad left a slice of pizza in the toaster too long by accident
id: 21029
It was actually really good
id: 21030
The priest talks about something at the baptism
id: 21031
Jesus Christ!
id: 21032
Stained glass
id: 21033
A nice picture of a stained glass window
id: 21034
id: 21035
id: 21036
Becky and Dad watch
id: 21037
The priest continues
id: 21038
A wider shot
id: 21039
id: 21040
Jacob looks suspicous of me
id: 21041
What's over there?
id: 21042
Amy gets Grace ready to be baptised
id: 21043
Grace doesn't look thrilled
id: 21044
Grace under water?
id: 21045
She barely moved
id: 21046
Get her all dried up
id: 21047
Still hasn't moved..
id: 21048
All done!
id: 21049
Amy and Grace's godfather
id: 21050
Standing around..
id: 21051
Amy looks happy
id: 21052
The priest is talking
id: 21053
See? I told you
id: 21054
Becky and Dad sitting on a pew
id: 21055
id: 21056
id: 21057
id: 21058
The baby is poining to something
id: 21059
The godfather makes the baby an offer she can't refuse.. a candle
id: 21060
The priest giving instructions
id: 21061
Reading out of the book..
id: 21062
The baby looks bored
id: 21063
Jacob is interested though
id: 21064
"What's that dude up to?"
id: 21065
The priest is talking to us again
id: 21066
His hand is in the air!
id: 21067
Grace has a white thing on now
id: 21068
The priest holds the baby
id: 21069
Welcome to Earth, baby
id: 21070
And everybody poses!
id: 21071
id: 21072
Uncle Jimmy talks to my dad
id: 21073
Becky gives me a look while Uncle Jimmy and Dad continue talking
id: 21074
Jacob and Elaine
id: 21075
A cross
id: 21076
This situation looks like a powder keg
id: 21077
Jacob moves in for the strike!!
id: 21078
id: 21079
id: 21080
id: 21081
Uncle Jimmy wrenches the bottle away from his grandson
id: 21082
He's escaping!
id: 21083
And he's gone.
id: 21084
Only to return again!!
id: 21085
Dad and Becky find this amusing
id: 21086
Captured again
id: 21087
Now what
id: 21088
Uhoh, she found me
id: 21089
This kid was just walking by
id: 21090
Hi kid
id: 21091
This plant was after me
id: 21092
A madman with his cake
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