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06/20/07 - Birds, sprinklers, fireworks, Boston at night, Mount Hood Tower, and tower lit up!

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id: 21205
"Dick's" hung wooden beams from their steel beams.. it doesn't really accomplish what they're trying to
id: 21206
A bird bath in a pothole!
id: 21207
Bird brain
id: 21208
I was going to delete this one, but check out the bird flying away in the top-left
id: 21209
Hallo bird
id: 21210
A sprinkler doing its thing
id: 21211
Whirr whirr whirr
id: 21212
You can see the streams really well
id: 21213
Droplets in the air!
id: 21214
Birds on a cable
id: 21215
id: 21216
Bird in the street
id: 21217
id: 21218
I booby trapped my dad's car with firecracker-like things as revenge for a similar prank he did on me when I was 8. Served cold indeed!
id: 21219
A purple flower!
id: 21220
id: 21221
Twoooo flowers
id: 21222
James and Muffie hanging out in Brooks
id: 21223
James is staging this picture
id: 21224
James got this text from an unknown number
id: 21225
A "snowflake" going off. The sparks are neat
id: 21226
Another "snowflake" in the grass, shorter exposure
id: 21227
The "chicken"
id: 21228
The chicken goes crazy!!
id: 21229
Boston at night!
id: 21230
Lit up skyline
id: 21231
John Hancock tower
id: 21232
With such a long exposure you can really see the airplane lights
id: 21233
The quarry is bright!
id: 21234
id: 21235
Lots of lights
id: 21236
An airplane coming in for a landing
id: 21237
I think this is the same airplane
id: 21238
There are two airplanes coming in for a landing here!
id: 21239
Mount Hood Tower with a long exposure
id: 21240
Some darned kids set off a strobe pot on the second floor and ran. You can see their cell phone lights running out the front door. This was so bright, you could definitely see it from Boston
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