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06/24/07 - Visiting Worcester for the weekend for Mike's "Back in America" party!

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id: 21248
Bryce made these humongo burgers
id: 21249
He eventually broke them into smaller, triangular burgers
id: 21250
The master chef himself
id: 21251
James and Bryce watch clips from the CD-I version of Legend of Zelda
id: 21252
Bryce and Brandon are all decked out for the beach themed party
id: 21253
Bryce seems less excited
id: 21254
The table full of alcohol and gross snacks
id: 21255
I brought eight 40's for the party. They went over well
id: 21256
Bryce and Mike eating some food
id: 21257
Bryce looks a little suspicious
id: 21258
Brandon's enjoying his 40
id: 21259
James, Bryce, and Mike standing around
id: 21260
Rosie was very surprised by the camera
id: 21261
Brandon changes the music
id: 21262
This guy blew a weird bubble
id: 21263
Here's a more normal bubble
id: 21264
James and Michelle sitting on the couch
id: 21265
James resorts to literally shoveling food down his throat
id: 21266
Go James go
id: 21267
Bucket O Popcorn
id: 21268
Michelle gets a drink
id: 21269
We all love this picture.. Bryce in his "wifebeater" with a 40, looking surly.. classic.
id: 21270
Brandon saw me taking a picture and feigned surprise
id: 21271
Mike takes a swig of his Colt 45
id: 21272
James tries the "Bubble Bong"
id: 21273
Bryce explaining something
id: 21274
Whoa! Relax there chief
id: 21275
James tries blowing some bubbles
id: 21276
Something about the bubble blower grossed James out
id: 21277
This is kind of gross
id: 21278
Bryce on the phone
id: 21279
Smashley, Brandon, and James standing around
id: 21280
And take a drink
id: 21281
What's over there?
id: 21282
Smashley and Brandon pose
id: 21283
Smashley takes a sip of some kind of awful drink
id: 21284
Mike shows his weird European and Egyptian money to some girl
id: 21285
Rosie's excited
id: 21286
Lonely Brandon with a bottle
id: 21287
Mike chillin' with his 40
id: 21288
Brandon gets a snack as Michelle looks on
id: 21289
This guy seems happy
id: 21290
Guy spotted me and posed with Rosie!
id: 21291
James and Mike
id: 21292
Sitting around..
id: 21293
Smashley and Mike!
id: 21294
For some reason Brandon was on the ground, so Smashley posed with him
id: 21295
Aaand took a swig
id: 21296
Mike, Smash, and Brandon
id: 21297
Brandon and Smash!
id: 21298
Smashley's wicked excited about something
id: 21299
The guys dance to "The Spirit Never Dies"
id: 21300
Bryce is still working on his 40
id: 21301
Tony grew a third arm..
id: 21302
James dances out of the room
id: 21303
Bryce's "Model Shot"
id: 21304
Dancing with the noodle!
id: 21305
id: 21306
Smashley and James were singing to each other through the noodle
id: 21307
Rosie dances with.. someone
id: 21308
Noodle and drinking!
id: 21309
Brandon and Smash on the porch
id: 21310
Hi Smashley!
id: 21311
Brandon looks down only to find..
id: 21312
Hero James! Who apparently just rescued this cat from an earthquake
id: 21313
Playing with the unknown cat
id: 21314
Kitties are fun
id: 21315
This picture was too awesome to delete, sorry Smash
id: 21316
Rosie and some people pose on the roof
id: 21317
Fun fun
id: 21318
I found the cat
id: 21319
The cat walks away from Brandon and Smash
id: 21320
He came back!
id: 21321
He looks uncertain
id: 21322
What to do...
id: 21323
That blur is the cat walking away
id: 21324
More partying on the roof!
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