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07/01/07 - Train, and my new phone: A Samsung Blackjack

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id: 21325
The commuter train is almost here
id: 21326
Under the bridge.. note the heat from the top
id: 21327
Crushed cars!
id: 21328
Kind of a car
id: 21329
My new phone!
id: 21330
A quarter for scale
id: 21331
My desktop, now with an image from LEO
id: 21332
This is a bit misleading, I haven't quite gotten SSH working, but I'm close!
id: 21333
I did get IRC working however!
id: 21334
#general on Topaz's server
id: 21335
The list of users in the chatroom
id: 21336
The desktop with full brightness
id: 21337
A full QWERTY keyboard!
id: 21338
Looks like I've finally got a camera phone
id: 21339
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