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07/04/07 - Cookout with Aunt Teresa and Gragra, A-10 flybys, Becky, and fireworks

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id: 21340
Now that's a beautiful sight: SSH on my cell phone
id: 21341
Aunt Teresa and Gragra in the backyard
id: 21342
Gragra looks thrilled
id: 21343
Becky sits on the couch
id: 21344
She looks skeptical of something
id: 21345
Some A-10 gunships flew over our house
id: 21346
They were doing flybys of Fenway park
id: 21347
There they go!
id: 21348
They sounded a lot different than civilian planes
id: 21349
Flying behind a tree
id: 21350
Here they come again
id: 21351
These are basically one enormous gun with an airplane wrapped around them
id: 21352
Flying overhead
id: 21353
Bye airplanes
id: 21354
Becky put on my dad's old Vietnam jacket
id: 21355
The buttons were on the "wrong side"
id: 21356
id: 21357
Good times, right dad?
id: 21358
If you're going to be one..
id: 21359
id: 21360
Becky loves the USA
id: 21361
Fun fun
id: 21362
Dad strapped 6 spinners together and got the Super Spinner
id: 21363
My dad's alarm clock and my alarm clock
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