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07/05/07 - Flying to Minnesota, hanging out with Topaz, Wacko, and Wacko's girlfriend Emily

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id: 21364
This is what I get for buying the cheap flight
id: 21365
My boading pass
id: 21366
It was rainy in Boston
id: 21367
The view from my seat: 4D on a Boeing 717
id: 21368
That's a big engine
id: 21369
A plane taking off
id: 21370
Above the rain!
id: 21371
id: 21372
Puffy clouds
id: 21373
Some other clouds
id: 21374
Hey look, clouds!
id: 21375
You can see the camera in the reflection
id: 21376
There are clouds over there too
id: 21377
The wing and the sun
id: 21378
We were still climbing at this point
id: 21379
Some neato cloud structure in the distance
id: 21380
Looking down on the rain
id: 21381
Yep.. clouds
id: 21382
A hole in the clouds!
id: 21383
The flight attendant said I could use my GPS. Which makes sense since it doesn't transmit anything
id: 21384
I thought we were near Worcester... just a bit off
id: 21385
A smoke stack!
id: 21386
Cruising altitude! For some reason we never really approaced the typical cruising speed of 570 mph
id: 21387
A coastline on one of the great lakes
id: 21388
A marina?
id: 21389
So many sqaures!
id: 21390
Past New York now..
id: 21391
id: 21392
A boat!
id: 21393
Milwaukee approaches
id: 21394
Lots of boats
id: 21395
A school
id: 21396
A nice coastline on Lake Michigan
id: 21397
id: 21398
Some houses
id: 21399
It's amazing how well you can see stuff on the final approach and landing
id: 21400
A runway
id: 21401
The terminal
id: 21402
id: 21403
My flight is the third from the top
id: 21404
Inside a jet engine
id: 21405
The back of an airplane
id: 21406
See? Milwuakee
id: 21407
My airplane, a CRJ200
id: 21408
People getting off a similar airplane
id: 21409
I better not get on the wrong plane
id: 21410
This plane has smaller jets
id: 21411
A guy in the baggage area
id: 21412
A woman loading food onto the plane
id: 21413
Bringing a bridge thing up to my plane
id: 21414
Note the cool heat waves behind the jet
id: 21415
Some prop plane takes off
id: 21416
More jet heat waves
id: 21417
This guy gave me a look as I took all these pictures
id: 21418
Getting on the plane
id: 21419
I hope these engines work
id: 21420
I was all the way in the back
id: 21421
The view from my seat
id: 21422
The wing
id: 21423
Good to know
id: 21424
The view from my seat.. again!
id: 21425
Button Man is waving at me
id: 21426
See? I told you it was a CRJ200
id: 21427
Apparently you can only get off the plane if it lands correctly..
id: 21428
A piece of my Professor's Cube fell under the chair and it took me like 15 minutes to get
id: 21429
Ooo, baggage carousel
id: 21430
It's like they read my mind
id: 21431
See? Minnesota
id: 21432
Now this is something new...
id: 21433
Baggage carousel!
id: 21434
id: 21435
My bag found me!
id: 21436
The first picture I take of Wacko since 2002 and what's he doing?
id: 21437
Wacko's got a Wiimote and he knows how to use it
id: 21438
Start by pointing up..
id: 21439
Emily's turn
id: 21440
Topaz gets into bowling
id: 21441
Wacko's got a nice camera
id: 21442
He thinks he's cool
id: 21443
Wacko on a hillside
id: 21444
Emily goes to check out the vent Wacko's looking at
id: 21445
Wacko and Emily lift the grate up
id: 21446
He wanted me to crawl down there. Needless to say, his efforts were futile
id: 21447
A waterfall
id: 21448
Some bridge
id: 21449
id: 21450
A cool old mill
id: 21451
Gold Medal
id: 21452
The top of the building
id: 21453
One of Wacko's friends climbed up there
id: 21454
Nothing but the best
id: 21455
A bridge
id: 21456
The smokestacks from before but more zoomed out
id: 21457
id: 21458
Wacko looks at the ground
id: 21459
Wacko looks.. somewhere else
id: 21460
id: 21461
Emily snaps some shots while Wacko looks around
id: 21462
Wacko and the mill
id: 21463
Emily and Wacko pose in front of Gold Medal
id: 21464
Now it's my turn
id: 21465
Wacko took these shots
id: 21466
What's over there?
id: 21467
This shot came out great, just click it.
id: 21468
Emily looks around
id: 21469
Emily standing in front of Gold Medal
id: 21470
Emily standing in front of Gold Medal.. with slightly a different exposure
id: 21471
Emily takes a few pics
id: 21472
This is why you have to take sneaky pictures of Wacko
id: 21473
A nice pic of some grass
id: 21474
Wacko's back with his tripod
id: 21475
An awesome panorama of Gold Medal and the surrounding area
id: 21476
The bridge
id: 21477
Some plants with Gold Medal in the background
id: 21478
A similar shot
id: 21479
Emily takes some pictures of the waterfall
id: 21480
Now I take some pictures of the waterfall
id: 21481
I like how the post cuts the water in half
id: 21482
The post
id: 21483
I was way too close to the water
id: 21484
Looking down the water fall
id: 21485
With a longer exposure..
id: 21486
An even longer exposure! You can see how the bubbles blur
id: 21487
Wacko and Emily look across the water
id: 21488
Another great shot of Wacko and Emily
id: 21489
A water tower
id: 21490
A water tower and that Pillsbury sign
id: 21491
Gold Medal from a slightly different angle
id: 21492
An old support
id: 21493
This thing hasn't exactly withstood the test of time
id: 21494
Old bridge, new bridge?
id: 21495
Another big support
id: 21496
Wacko and Emily check out the bridge
id: 21497
With exposure to show the sky..
id: 21498
It's pretty corroded
id: 21499
Emily climbs up the side
id: 21500
Wacko looks around the base
id: 21501
Emily checks out the scenery
id: 21502
Rusty old support
id: 21503
A bolt
id: 21504
Wacko ventures out onto the "bridge"
id: 21505
Note the sign in the background
id: 21506
Wacko is a scofflaw
id: 21507
So is Emily
id: 21508
Now if this isn't a good desktop I don't know what is
id: 21509
Gold Medal Flour!
id: 21510
Another big sign
id: 21511
I want some blankets
id: 21512
Emily checks out this structure
id: 21513
Some gross moss
id: 21514
Wacko and Emily sneak behind this column thing
id: 21515
A messed up old building
id: 21516
A water outlet and some dripping
id: 21517
Same pic but.. sideways!
id: 21518
Wacko looks to see what Emily is doing
id: 21519
I told him "You're going to regret that picture!"
id: 21520
Neato ruins
id: 21521
Emily and Wacko get nearer the edge
id: 21522
What's over there?
id: 21523
Lots of moss where the dripping lands
id: 21524
Wacko's rented house in Minneapolis
id: 21525
id: 21526
So many ants!
id: 21527
There was a ridiculous amount of ants
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