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07/21/07 - Robokitty, Mall of America, new DS Lite, eating out, and flying home

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id: 21528
id: 21529
Emily caught robokitty
id: 21530
And robokitty is not pleased
id: 21531
Wacko shows off his spiffy mask
id: 21532
Minneapolis skyline
id: 21533
Wacko drives along
id: 21534
A yellow bird eats from the bird feeder
id: 21535
He's a very bright yellow bird
id: 21536
The Mall of America sign
id: 21537
Giant LEGOs!
id: 21538
They're very large
id: 21539
Giant LEGO bump
id: 21540
I put my sunglasses there for scale
id: 21541
A LEGO space station and shuttle!
id: 21542
The full structure
id: 21543
A big creepy LEGO clock
id: 21544
See? It's really made out of LEGO bricks
id: 21545
LEGO Fett!
id: 21546
LEGO Death Star!
id: 21547
LEGO triceratops!
id: 21548
LEGO brontasaurus
id: 21549
The LEGO space station from the same level
id: 21550
Space shuttle
id: 21551
A spacewalking astronaut in an MMU
id: 21552
LEGO spacewalkers!
id: 21553
Floating around the shuttle
id: 21554
LEGO shuttle!
id: 21555
The amusement park in the mall
id: 21556
LEGO blimp
id: 21557
Timberland Twister
id: 21558
Some people riding the Timberland Twister
id: 21559
People in LEGO's free build area
id: 21560
Roller coaster action shot
id: 21561
Some people roll away
id: 21562
I hate spinning coasters
id: 21563
This guy was checking out the show
id: 21564
He seemed to be having a good time
id: 21565
A show having something to do with Hairspray
id: 21566
A lobby where events take place
id: 21567
The back of the LEGO shuttle
id: 21568
Timberland Twister again
id: 21569
The underside of the car
id: 21570
There goes Timberland Twister again
id: 21571
Topaz checks out the coasters
id: 21572
Here they come again
id: 21573
Holy crap! That's a lot of Rubik's Cubes!
id: 21574
So many!
id: 21575
What's the one thing I pose in front of? The Rubik's Cubes
id: 21576
These flight sims were pretty sweet
id: 21577
We did the WWII planes first
id: 21578
A simulator
id: 21579
They didn't move but they were still fun
id: 21580
That's right, I finally caved and bought a brand new Nintendo DS Lite
id: 21581
Here's the picture on the back
id: 21582
The first thing you see when you open the package is Mario being a creep
id: 21583
The DS came in a foam bag
id: 21584
This is the last time you're ever going to see it with no fingerprints
id: 21585
The bottom
id: 21586
The DS open
id: 21587
id: 21588
It says this warning every time
id: 21589
It fits so nicely in my hand
id: 21590
The Mall of America is right next to the airport, so the planes fly really low
id: 21591
I didn't time this right but if you look at the tail of the plane you get an idea of how close it gets to the mall. This is an unzoomed picture
id: 21592
We went to one of those scary places where the guy cooks right in front of you
id: 21593
Luke found my fear amusing
id: 21594
Topaz's Mom and Tom
id: 21595
The chef made a lot of fire
id: 21596
Our chef showed up a few minutes later
id: 21597
My koala kicks Topaz's koala's ass
id: 21598
I won with the kangaroo too
id: 21599
I could call Australia a tie
id: 21600
Keeping Time and Keeping time II
id: 21601
Weird fortune
id: 21602
Miso soup! Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures of the delicious sushi we ate
id: 21603
I got my actual age!
id: 21604
A cool sunrise as seen from the airplane
id: 21605
Big cloud, big light
id: 21606
You can just see the edge
id: 21607
In between cloud layers
id: 21608
Cloud layers!
id: 21609
A plane leaving contrails in the moist air
id: 21610
A river in Massachusetts
id: 21611
Zooming in a little
id: 21612
Turns out I was near Franklin, MA
id: 21613
I took a picture of the GPS so I'd know where to find it
id: 21614
Some nice clouds
id: 21615
id: 21616
Nice sky
id: 21617
A weird path along the ground
id: 21618
Clouds in the distance
id: 21619
Nice gradients
id: 21620
Almost a black sky
id: 21621
id: 21622
More clouds
id: 21623
Cloudy McClouds
id: 21624
Some fluffy clouds
id: 21625
A bunch of fluffy clouds
id: 21626
Airplane wing
id: 21627
Flying through clouds
id: 21628
We were just about to fly into this cloud
id: 21629
Hey I know that city!
id: 21630
Hello Boston!
id: 21631
Boston skyline
id: 21632
So many houses!
id: 21633
Lots of houses
id: 21634
Thousands of buildings
id: 21635
Residential houses
id: 21636
Boston skyeline again
id: 21637
A target with a target on it!
id: 21638
The camera is choosing the settings at this point
id: 21639
A great shot of the Boston skyline
id: 21640
Logan terminals
id: 21641
Logan Airport!
id: 21642
The airport with Boston on the side
id: 21643
id: 21644
A plane taking off
id: 21645
There it goes
id: 21646
id: 21647
id: 21648
Runway 27?
id: 21649
Boston buildings
id: 21650
More tall buildings
id: 21651
Boats speeding past each other
id: 21652
A big island
id: 21653
id: 21654
A bridge
id: 21655
Islands and Boston
id: 21656
So many buildings!
id: 21657
id: 21658
Sand bars
id: 21659
The colorful gas tank
id: 21660
Sketchy LNG tanks?
id: 21661
A highway
id: 21662
A big rotary
id: 21663
Rotary on the highway
id: 21664
id: 21665
An overpass
id: 21666
Lots of buildings
id: 21667
An interesting road structure
id: 21668
A mall complex
id: 21669
Four baseball fields
id: 21670
A golf course
id: 21671
A radio tower!
id: 21672
Cars on the highway
id: 21673
Another golf course
id: 21674
A building complex
id: 21675
Some weird poles in the water
id: 21676
A large building
id: 21677
Sun reflecting on the water
id: 21678
id: 21679
This guy was checking out the scenary too
id: 21680
A boat in the water
id: 21681
id: 21682
Logan's control tower
id: 21683
The sketchiest redlight camera ever
id: 21684
This things is practically duct taped up there
id: 21685
I like to think that this sign says "BIMBAP!"
id: 21686
Isabelle is bored
id: 21687
id: 21688
This fire alarm sponsored by Siemens???
id: 21689
My new Megaminx
id: 21690
It's really a Rubik's Dodecahedron
id: 21691
It's pretty heavy and makes nice strong "click" noises
id: 21692
It's pretty intimidating when scrambled
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