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07/22/07 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last Harry Potter book, is released!

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id: 21693
I couldn't believe it! We showed up 6 hours early and there's still a line
id: 21694
id: 21695
Oh well, time to get in line
id: 21696
The line goes along the outside of the building
id: 21697
Yep, I went to Barnes & Noble
id: 21698
Barnes & Noble employees kept the line under control
id: 21699
Team Potter?
id: 21700
Getting closer..
id: 21701
A helicopter was taking pictures of the line
id: 21702
A Barnes and Noble employee
id: 21703
A cosplayer talks to someone in a car
id: 21704
Another cosplayer waits in line
id: 21705
A little cosplayer heads to the store!
id: 21706
Staples wasn't happy about how we were blocking the door
id: 21707
The book wasn't actually 784 pages long
id: 21708
The gave me this pamphlet on the way in
id: 21709
The back..
id: 21710
That's a lot of pages
id: 21711
id: 21712
People waiting around the store
id: 21713
Some people caught up on their reading at the last minute
id: 21714
Meghan, Becky, and Friend sat around
id: 21715
This is their "natural" pose
id: 21716
"Are those the books?" "I can't confirm or deny that"
id: 21717
I got a spiffy hat
id: 21718
Cosplayer with flash
id: 21719
Cosplayer with no flash
id: 21720
The final line
id: 21721
Everyone gathered around the cash register
id: 21722
Meghan and Becky look at something
id: 21723
Becky looking around
id: 21724
Hi Becky
id: 21725
That guy's got his copies
id: 21726
People getting books
id: 21727
Everyone was excited
id: 21728
This employee was directing people with military precision
id: 21729
This way please
id: 21730
Come on come on
id: 21731
This woman held people back until hat man said it was ok
id: 21732
An Azkaban prisoner!
id: 21733
Meghan looks crazy
id: 21734
What a ripoff of Where's Waldo!
id: 21735
This guy had a wizard hat
id: 21736
Employees bagging books
id: 21737
The infamous boxes
id: 21738
Almost my turn!
id: 21739
This guy sold me my book
id: 21740
There it is!
id: 21741
My copy
id: 21742
More boxes, audio books, and normal books
id: 21743
Stacks of books
id: 21744
This guy takes out more books
id: 21745
Bagging my book
id: 21746
There was a big line outside
id: 21747
You should've pre-registered!
id: 21748
I had my book out in the parking lot by 12:14
id: 21749
I was ready to read by 12:40
id: 21750
I put on a pot of coffee, it was going to be a long night!
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