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08/01/07 - Clark James' giant bed, and our jerk neighbors cut chunks off our tree

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id: 21751
A real squishee machine!
id: 21752
Isn't this supposed to be behind the counter with Apu?
id: 21753
Buzz Cola too!
id: 21754
My very own squishee
id: 21755
Clark James decided that his queen sized bed wasn't big enough, so he supersized..
id: 21756
..with this enormous...
id: 21757
..king sized mattress
id: 21758
A non-flash picture
id: 21759
Go, James, go!
id: 21760
Making some progress..
id: 21761
He's half way there!
id: 21762
Sweaty Bryce takes the lead
id: 21763
It's hard to pull a mattress
id: 21764
Almost there!
id: 21765
Clark James poses next to his giant bed
id: 21766
Bryce thinks it's funny
id: 21767
Bryce stands near the old mattress
id: 21768
Clark James manhandles the footboard around the corner
id: 21769
Bryce gives me a look
id: 21770
Bryce and Clark James start moving up the stairs
id: 21771
Up you go
id: 21772
Clark James is looking a little out of his mind here
id: 21773
The assembled bed
id: 21774
"It rules!"
id: 21775
Well that was fun
id: 21776
Bryce didn't help with the final assembly
id: 21777
He rotated it later so the headboard was up against the wall
id: 21778
There's not much room left over
id: 21779
It's really high off the ground, too
id: 21780
Only the finest minds of our generation work at Radio Shack
id: 21781
James poses with some weird colorful drink
id: 21782
His nose piercing placeholder fell out so James had to use an earring for a day until he could get a replacement
id: 21783
Muffie wears a lovely outfit to the mall
id: 21784
Debris from our tree on our jerk neighbor's lawn
id: 21785
So much debris
id: 21786
This chunk was in our backyard
id: 21787
An ugly stump where a lovely branch used to be
id: 21788
Miscellaneous debris in our backyard
id: 21789
The guys left their chainsaws while they were on lunch break
id: 21790
Ropes hanging out of the tree
id: 21791
id: 21792
id: 21793
id: 21794
Another chainsaw
id: 21795
The chunk from another angle
id: 21796
A closeup on the teeth of the chainsaw
id: 21797
Looking down the blade
id: 21798
id: 21799
Leaves and stuff
id: 21800
Stumpy again
id: 21801
Stumpy in a new exposure
id: 21802
The debris on the jerk neighbor's lawn again
id: 21803
They pretty much cut off everything over their house. They crossed the property line though, we should sue the jerks.
id: 21804
They threw all our furniture in the corner, and may or may not have knocked over our barrel
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