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08/02/07 - Greg's birthday at Gra-gra's house, and pictures of the ISS

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id: 21805
Greg and his friend Maria check out my DS
id: 21806
Uncle Chris
id: 21807
Gra-gra looking around
id: 21808
Having fun?
id: 21809
Aunt Meredith
id: 21810
My mom thinks somehting is funny
id: 21811
Becky shows Uncle Chris something on her phone
id: 21812
Have some beer
id: 21813
Uncle Chris takes a look at Becky's phone
id: 21814
What's that button do?
id: 21815
Aunt Teresa and Maria light the candles
id: 21816
Aunt Teresa and Mario light the candles.. in the dark!
id: 21817
Greg blows out the candles
id: 21818
And continues to do so
id: 21819
Oh no! We didn't know they were trick candles!
id: 21820
Greg gets to work on pinching out the trick candles
id: 21821
Pinching... he likes to pinch
id: 21822
They keep coming back!
id: 21823
Only three left
id: 21824
Aunt Teresa takes the cake
id: 21825
Greg makes a joke that Maria thinks is funny
id: 21826
Gra-gra and Becky look on
id: 21827
They look like they're having fun
id: 21828
Uncle Chris starts pouring some champagne
id: 21829
Greg and Gra-gra
id: 21830
The traditional ear pulling
id: 21831
"Is that all you got?"
id: 21832
Gra-gra thinks it's funny
id: 21833
Laughing time is over now
id: 21834
Everyone standing around
id: 21835
Champagne fun time
id: 21836
Aunt Meredith, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Teresa prepare for a toast
id: 21837
id: 21838
id: 21839
Uncle Chris looks like he's bored of toasting
id: 21840
Gra-gra with her glass
id: 21841
Keiki! Keiki! Keiki!
id: 21842
Gra-gra thinks something is funny
id: 21843
My mom hands out plates
id: 21844
Hi mom
id: 21845
Maria looks around
id: 21846
Becky can't wait for cake
id: 21847
Greg's presents
id: 21848
Mom watches
id: 21849
Mom and Aunt Teresa
id: 21850
Aunt Meredith
id: 21851
Gra-gra sitting around
id: 21852
Uncle Chris is itchy
id: 21853
Hi Greg
id: 21854
id: 21855
Greg reads cards
id: 21856
Giving someone a look..
id: 21857
Greg got some nice pens
id: 21858
With his initials on them!
id: 21859
Very nice
id: 21860
A popped cork!
id: 21861
Some stars, taken from the common
id: 21862
The International Space Station flies by. Click on the image to see it
id: 21863
A zoomed version. That line is the ISS
id: 21864
Well since the tripod is set up, I might as well play with it
id: 21865
Guess what I used to write this
id: 21866
Yep, the earth actually moves noticably in only fiften seconds! Of course, this is zoomed in..
id: 21867
Stars blurring around the North Star
id: 21868
The ISS made a reappearance one orbit later
id: 21869
The ISS flies over my neighbor's house
id: 21870
ISS flying under the moon
id: 21871
The ISS flying by my house, look carefully, it's in the wires.
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