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08/23/07 - Stars, new room, and working in the CS lab

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id: 21951
Matt the Mat checks out the stars
id: 21952
The stars are moving!
id: 21953
More stars
id: 21954
id: 21955
An airplane flew through this shot, neat huh?
id: 21956
Looking straight up
id: 21957
Stars over a tree
id: 21958
Stars over the same tree
id: 21959
Worcester is so bright
id: 21960
id: 21961
The window and (unopenable) door to our new room
id: 21962
The fire alarm is right next to our window, that will be fun
id: 21963
Our room from the outside
id: 21964
It's right next to where the cops park
id: 21965
A panorama of the inside of the room before Brett moved in.
id: 21966
Christina and Ginny try to fix the printer
id: 21967
What is that thing??
id: 21968
A tonor cartridge?
id: 21969
We usually just keep it on "magic"
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