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08/24/07 - A Chinook helicopter flies over Clark, and Randall Munroe, the artist of xkcd comes to WPI

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id: 21970
A Chinook helicopter!
id: 21971
It was flying pretty low
id: 21972
A red spider!
id: 21973
The lecture hall where the event took place
id: 21974
A slideshow of xkcd comics was being played
id: 21975
A red spider pyramid!
id: 21976
A giant red spider!
id: 21977
Red spiders were all over the ground
id: 21978
Another shot of the giant red spider
id: 21979
One of the event coordinators took pictures of the crowd
id: 21980
xkcd Live!
id: 21981
More red spiders
id: 21982
Please note the Raptor Escapes
id: 21983
Randall Munroe!
id: 21984
The great artist himself
id: 21985
He was pretty cool
id: 21986
He made a lot of nerdy jokes
id: 21987
He claims he's never used one of those little mics before
id: 21988
The talk continues..
id: 21989
Telling stories..
id: 21990
id: 21991
Goooo Randall
id: 21992
Drawing on a projector!
id: 21993
The famous stick figure
id: 21994
A guy, and 'the girlfriend'
id: 21995
"Whoa!" Randall plays with the auto-contrast
id: 21996
Drawing a guy sitting in his chair
id: 21997
It's tough to draw him "turned around"
id: 21998
A few stick figures
id: 21999
Drawing a request..
id: 22000
"A raptor taking a shower"
id: 22001
Making a paper airplane
id: 22002
I skipped a bunch of steps..
id: 22003
The finish product. He claims that he once threw it about 300 feet
id: 22004
Drawing some snakes
id: 22005
id: 22006
id: 22007
And a pilot
id: 22008
A fake motivational poster about Pluto
id: 22009
Waiting for an autograph..
id: 22010
Randall's view of the room
id: 22011
This guy brought a Guitar Hero guitar to be signed
id: 22012
A black hat!
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