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09/17/07 - Guitar Hero, Mike plays S.T.A.L.K.E.R., squirrels, and a "Hookah Smoke-Out"

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id: 22089
Brett moves one step closer to being a true Guitar Hero
id: 22090
Look at those fingers fly
id: 22091
Mike on Highwind
id: 22092
Don't look at me, look at the game!
id: 22093
My awesome new mousepad
id: 22094
Mike talks to the Trader
id: 22095
How's it going Mike?
id: 22096
This squirrel jumped out of the way just in time
id: 22097
I'm sneakin' up on you
id: 22098
Stay still!
id: 22099
That tailless squirrel!
id: 22100
People smoking a hookah on the green
id: 22101
It's a "smoke-out"
id: 22102
I guess that's cool
id: 22103
Here comes the guy with the hot coal
id: 22104
Place it carefully
id: 22105
I wonder if these people know how terrible hookah smoke is for you
id: 22106
Hookah equipment
id: 22107
There was music
id: 22108
Another hookah group
id: 22109
id: 22110
Carefully taking it apart..
id: 22111
Taking off the dish..
id: 22112
And there it goes
id: 22113
Another group of people
id: 22114
Placing a coal
id: 22115
See? I told you
id: 22116
This guy's getting ready to take a hit
id: 22117
There he goes!
id: 22118
Neato smoke ring
id: 22119
The view from above
id: 22120
There's that group again.. they were just easy to photograph
id: 22121
This girl looks perplexed
id: 22122
Hookah group
id: 22123
Sit up, you hippie
id: 22124
"You want a hit?"
id: 22125
"Yeah OK"
id: 22126
id: 22127
id: 22128
True story, Sodexho better smarten up because they suck right now
id: 22129
Haha, I asked Brett to leave me a post it reminding me to pre-order The Orange Box.. I found this on my desk
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