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09/23/07 - Dark Chocolate, Benny the tailless squirrel, and the LAN Lounge

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id: 22175
I got some super dark chocolate
id: 22176
The store didn't have any 99% though
id: 22177
It comes in a really nice foil sealed case
id: 22178
id: 22179
Here's the bottom
id: 22180
Some 65% cocoa chocolate
id: 22181
id: 22182
The 65% compared to the 85%
id: 22183
This is Sean, a guy we keep meeting in the Bistro
id: 22184
The tailless squirrel has been spotted again!
id: 22185
He's making a run for it!
id: 22186
id: 22187
People on Facebook are calling him Benny
id: 22188
I guess Benny is good
id: 22189
Benny's got a nut
id: 22190
The LAN Lounge
id: 22191
People pay money to play video games
id: 22192
Well, that's the idea. Usually this place is empty
id: 22193
It still looks neat though
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