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09/28/07 - Bryce sets up N64, way too close to a squirrel, server room fun, and Prof. Sternberg

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id: 22194
Bryce brought his N64 over to our room
id: 22195
It took a few minutes to set up
id: 22196
Is it working?
id: 22197
A package from Dell, what could this be?
id: 22198
It's my new power cord and adapter! Hooray!
id: 22199
A squirrel!
id: 22200
What's he got?
id: 22201
He's got an apple!
id: 22202
I can't believe I got this close
id: 22203
He was so full that when he walked, he waddled
id: 22204
Professor Breecher and Professor Han in the CS lab
id: 22205
Bryce has so many icons on his desktop!
id: 22206
I put a label on Bryce's back
id: 22207
It says "Bryce". I left him a voicemail telling him about it and saying "don't say I never told you". And told him to check his messages.. he never did
id: 22208
Bryce working on Kanji in the server room
id: 22209
Bryce lectures me on... who knows
id: 22210
Get back to work
id: 22211
Brett with my DS
id: 22212
"Whose crazy signature is this?"
id: 22213
Brett decides to try Crazy Signature's account
id: 22214
Oh no! It's Greg's! Now it's in left-handed mode! Aka, upside down
id: 22215
The "Server Room" aka Nerd Tower
id: 22216
Monitors and my scanner
id: 22217
Younger in the foreground, Spears and Babbage in the background
id: 22218
Some more of my crap
id: 22219
Babbge, the web server, and Spears, the file server
id: 22220
My sweet setup
id: 22221
Bryce uses this table sometimes for studying
id: 22222
A closer shot of my desk
id: 22223
My favorite part of the room.. the AC!
id: 22224
My shelves
id: 22225
The bottom shelves are full of crap
id: 22226
My desk has drawers!
id: 22227
What's this in the bottom drawer?
id: 22228
Ooo, lots of Gameboy Advance games
id: 22229
And the other compartment has a mysterious thing in some netting
id: 22230
It's my DS! Very handy during study breaks
id: 22231
Professor Sternberg demonstrates to a student how plasmas form on rockets
id: 22232
"You see?"
id: 22233
The drawing up close
id: 22234
Here's the student in question
id: 22235
Prof. Sternberg looks over someone's equations
id: 22236
It's just a change of variables.. but it's tricky
id: 22237
Prof. Sternberg explains how to shift all the variables around
id: 22238
Use these equations
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