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10/04/07 - Stranded balloon, hidden fire alarm, and Coke machine secrets

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id: 22290
This balloon has been stuck to the ceiling all semester
id: 22291
Who would notice this fire alarm?
id: 22292
There's a Coke machine directly outside our room
id: 22293
This guy was working on it
id: 22294
I took the opportunity to take some pictures of their secret documents
id: 22295
id: 22296
The guy checks out the documents
id: 22297
Schematics and a few other notes
id: 22298
id: 22299
That's a lot of coke
id: 22300
Some weird squares
id: 22301
More stuff
id: 22302
id: 22303
This one is pretty interesting..
id: 22304
.. it talks about the various modes in the machine and how to access them. If you're in the right mode you can change the prices!
id: 22305
A more zoomed out shot
id: 22306
Squares again
id: 22307
Closeup on the squares
id: 22308
Another closeup on the squares
id: 22309
Top of the squares
id: 22310
More about machine modes
id: 22311
Those schematics
id: 22312
Looks pretty complicated
id: 22313
Maybe that's why this guy looks so perplexed
id: 22314
id: 22315
The middle of the schematics
id: 22316
The bottom of the schematics
id: 22317
A little more about modes and the machine password (4231)
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