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10/08/07 - Beard-off conclusion, Plasma class, home for a few days, and throwing out discs.. literally

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id: 22318
Ah, the joys of being the lab sysadmin
id: 22319
You get to find stuff like this
id: 22320
My mom wrote the response here and it was on the board for over a month before I noticed
id: 22321
Brett at the conclusion of the beard-off
id: 22322
From the side
id: 22323
James was having trouble not laughing
id: 22324
It was pretty funny
id: 22325
But he wouldn't stay still!
id: 22326
From the side
id: 22327
There's a good front shot
id: 22328
Nice pose
id: 22329
Side by side
id: 22330
James loses it again
id: 22331
id: 22332
James had a weird empty spot under his chin
id: 22333
Students in Professor Sternberg's class
id: 22334
Some math on the board
id: 22335
Working on change of variables
id: 22336
What's on the board?
id: 22337
Oops, busted taking a picture
id: 22338
Discussing the problems
id: 22339
The girl on the right seems to be having a fun time
id: 22340
All the students helped each other out
id: 22341
Red Hat's having trouble
id: 22342
See? Look at this part
id: 22343
Looking at another section
id: 22344
Pointing out a problem?
id: 22345
Red Hat working on a problem
id: 22346
Green Shirt gets to work
id: 22347
Red Shirt works on the board
id: 22348
So many equations
id: 22349
Very tricky
id: 22350
Look at that thing!
id: 22351
Math notes
id: 22352
What's funny is that these notes aren't even for this class, they're for the class most of us had next
id: 22353
This is how people found the pics
id: 22354
Red Shirt working with Red Hat again
id: 22355
Black Shirt looks at the board again
id: 22356
What's he pointing to?
id: 22357
id: 22358
id: 22359
Still on the same problem?
id: 22360
Green Shirt was there too
id: 22361
Little did he know I was zooming all the way in!
id: 22362
What's up, Green Shirt? Lose your sunglasses?
id: 22363
Becky at CVS
id: 22364
"Nooo, don't"
id: 22365
This guy reminds me of Sean
id: 22366
An odd truck on the highway
id: 22367
I decided to throw out some old CDs and DVDs I wasn't using
id: 22368
id: 22369
The discs are piling up
id: 22370
It was kind of hard to stand on, very slippery
id: 22371
A flash shot
id: 22372
The view from the hallway, no wonder I was getting weird looks
id: 22373
That was a lot of discs!
id: 22374
Brett gets blinded by the super flash
id: 22375
Mike working on his octopus tank
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