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10/25/07 - Hanging out at Shirley Street, and Bryce plays Team Fortress 2

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id: 22407
I stole Bryce's technique and used it on him!
id: 22408
Smashley chilling on the couch
id: 22409
Mike's friend Victoria was here visiting
id: 22410
She got the cool chair
id: 22411
Oh, the foreshadowing... see Ripp-o-ween
id: 22412
Mike and Rosie on the couch
id: 22413
What's up, Rosie?
id: 22414
Whatever it was, Smashley thought it was funny
id: 22415
So did Clark James
id: 22416
"How many pictures did you take in the last ten seconds?"
id: 22417
id: 22418
That's a pretty sweet door, James
id: 22419
Gotta love the St. Pauli girl
id: 22420
Brandon sets up the hookah
id: 22421
Give it a test puff
id: 22422
You've got to make sure you have a secure fitting
id: 22423
James in his Indiana Jones hat
id: 22424
Looking pretty spiffy
id: 22425
James checks out the hookah
id: 22426
I liked this shot because a spark flew off the hookah coal
id: 22427
Brett is blinded by the light
id: 22428
He's after my camera!
id: 22429
And now he's just crazy
id: 22430
Bryce is playing Team Fortress 2!
id: 22431
Such concentration
id: 22432
It's a Medic-on-Medic battle!
id: 22433
Mike shaved his head!!!
id: 22434
Now he looks like Moby
id: 22435
I dub this picture: Topaz Want Beer
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