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10/27/07 - Preparing Ripp-o-ween costumes, and an awesome rainbow!

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id: 22436
Me and James waited for the craft studio to open only to find that they didn't have any gold paint
id: 22437
We bought some at a hardware store instead
id: 22438
James gets some stuff out of his bag
id: 22439
He's got my helmet!
id: 22440
My helmet before being painted
id: 22441
James tests the paint
id: 22442
It looked good, so he got to work on his cardboard cross
id: 22443
It's actually coming out pretty great
id: 22444
Look how awesome my helmet looks!
id: 22445
Both props came out spectacularly
id: 22446
I can't believe how well my helmet came out. This was like 30 seconds of work
id: 22447
James chilling on the couch
id: 22448
Oh no! Pictures!
id: 22449
Some plasma equations
id: 22450
Check out the rainbow!
id: 22451
There was a huge rainbow over Wright Hall
id: 22452
Apparently there's a pot of gold somewhere near the train station
id: 22453
You can't really zoom in on a rainbow..
id: 22454
It was so well defined
id: 22455
I didn't even notice it, I guess it's true that gamers never look up
id: 22456
But then why did Brett notice it?
id: 22457
It faded a little bit
id: 22458
But only for a while
id: 22459
The rainbow is gaining back more intensity
id: 22460
I couldn't help but take a million pictures
id: 22461
A rainbow pic with nothing else in the way
id: 22462
It was actually really tough to photograph
id: 22463
I did by best though
id: 22464
Notice how the sky is different colors on either side of the rainbow
id: 22465
A double rainbow!
id: 22466
The sweet double rainbow again
id: 22467
I was struggling to keep water off my lens
id: 22468
The double rainbow again
id: 22469
Maybe Wright Hall is magical
id: 22470
Nah, probably not
id: 22471
Lots of people were checking out the rainbow and taking pictures
id: 22472
The view from the shelter of the gym roof
id: 22473
It's fading!
id: 22474
I tried to get it to stand out a little with a lower exposure.. didn't help much
id: 22475
The rainbow next to the library
id: 22476
Where's the other end of it go?
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