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10/28/07 - Ripp-o-ween 2007. Need I say more?

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id: 22477
Brett with his beard right before shaving
id: 22478
Brett shaved his beard! Gordon Freeman is no more!
id: 22479
Basically the same picture but with a flash
id: 22480
This year I was a Silver Snake from The Legends of the Hidden Temple
id: 22481
Bryce was the Prince of Tennis
id: 22482
It's so weird to see Bryce in a baseball hat. I kept thinking he was James
id: 22483
Brett dressed up as Naruto
id: 22484
Check out the spiffy spiral I drew on his arm
id: 22485
Clark James was Indiana Jones
id: 22486
Smashley was a flapper
id: 22487
Brandon was Zombie Freud
id: 22488
He's got his signature glasses and cigar
id: 22489
The first casualty of the night
id: 22490
Smashley loosens a Jello shot
id: 22491
Tony was Ash from Evil Dead and Ash from Pokemon at the same time
id: 22492
James seems wary about something
id: 22493
Tony wore a chainsaw on his arm all night
id: 22494
Smashley dives in for the shot
id: 22495
Brandon always looks insane in his pictures
id: 22496
Bryce is in the line of fire of Tony's boomstick
id: 22497
Bryce seems psyched
id: 22498
Michelle and Rosie were Salt-n-Pepa.. respectively
id: 22499
Rosie is crazy!
id: 22500
One of Smashely's friends came in an awesome praying mantis costume
id: 22501
Standing around
id: 22502
Oh No! I'm in the line of fire!
id: 22503
He made the chainsaw himself out of a smaller chainsaw
id: 22504
Zombie Freud talks to the mantis
id: 22505
Brandon and Bryce
id: 22506
Clark James strikes a pose
id: 22507
Looking good, James
id: 22508
Rosie and Michelle hit the photobooth
id: 22509
Back to back!
id: 22510
Looking good
id: 22511
Don't fall down the stairs!
id: 22512
Very similar pictures, but with differences that make it worth it
id: 22513
Brett's turn
id: 22514
Naruto's just looking for a fight
id: 22515
I'm so scared
id: 22516
Tony puts a hole in the ceiling
id: 22517
Does anyone live upstairs? I hope not
id: 22518
Tony strikes a more relaxed pose
id: 22519
Too bad he didn't have any Pokeballs
id: 22520
Check out the blood on his face, very nice
id: 22521
He even works at the Poke-mart!
id: 22522
James' friends Jason and Margot came too
id: 22523
They went as Richie and Margot Tenenbaum
id: 22524
Bryce serves up a ball
id: 22525
He said he was having trouble nailing "that anime look" you know.. hanging still in the air
id: 22526
Bryce is ready to rock
id: 22527
He was still wearing those pants the next day because "they're so comfortable!!"
id: 22528
Smashley's turn in the booth
id: 22529
What's on your nose!?
id: 22530
James strolls in for some pictures
id: 22531
Nice whip. But can you ghostride it?
id: 22532
Spiffy hat, too
id: 22533
Turning around..?
id: 22534
He can't help but laugh
id: 22535
Crack that whip
id: 22536
There I am again
id: 22537
Ash is killing Pepa!
id: 22538
Or is Tony killing Rosie?
id: 22539
Brandon made sure to tear up the back of his costume too
id: 22540
Zombie Freud shows off
id: 22541
Thumbs up!
id: 22542
This picture really sums up Ripp-o-ween for me
id: 22543
The mantis just went crazy in the background
id: 22544
Look at him go
id: 22545
That is one grumpy panda
id: 22546
Mantis man!
id: 22547
The double arm effect was really creepy
id: 22548
He's breaking into Bryce's room!
id: 22549
Great costume
id: 22550
Smashley's back, and her leg is on the door! Why?
id: 22551
No one knows!
id: 22552
Smashley and Break Dance Guy Mike
id: 22553
Mike's got his boombox and cardboard ready to go
id: 22554
Maria is the St. Pauli girl
id: 22555
Sweet costume
id: 22556
Laura was, appropriately enough, Lara!
id: 22557
Lara Croft, that is
id: 22558
And she apprently has a captive
id: 22559
Ah! Look out!
id: 22560
Salt and Smashley!
id: 22561
Oops, I mean Michelle and Flapper?
id: 22562
Oh right, Michelle and Smashley
id: 22563
Nice poses
id: 22564
Mike's got his camera ready, and Brett's got his beer ready
id: 22565
Mike looks crazy
id: 22566
Brett, not so much
id: 22567
Tony's got the skull goblet
id: 22568
Mike's just got a blue cup
id: 22569
I got some strange pictures since I was often sitting on the couch looking up
id: 22570
Smashley makes her way through the room
id: 22571
Smashley and Brett talk about something
id: 22572
It looks like Tony's sneaking up on them
id: 22573
And here he is! Smash and Brett don't seem too happy to see him
id: 22574
Laura borrowed a sweet real metal airsoft Beretta for her costume
id: 22575
Mike inevitably ended up breakdancing
id: 22576
Recovering from a somersault
id: 22577
Mike worms his way across the room
id: 22578
What was that?
id: 22579
"Hey Mike! Strike a pose!"
id: 22580
Mike strikes a pose
id: 22581
Sitting up
id: 22582
Posing for other cameras
id: 22583
Upside down!
id: 22584
Falling down!
id: 22585
Brandon's got the cardboard
id: 22586
Mike is vertical again
id: 22587
Tony seems suspicious
id: 22588
Smashley and Brandon dance!
id: 22589
James reaches for.. something?
id: 22590
This picture requires no description
id: 22591
Rosie and Michelle on the couch
id: 22592
What's up, Rosie?
id: 22593
Maria, Laura, and red shirt guy
id: 22594
Maria's drinking her costume! Kind of
id: 22595
Salt-n-Pepa are at it again
id: 22596
Brett finally let us draw whiskers on him
id: 22597
Mascara is kind of like facepaint
id: 22598
Brett looks so sad
id: 22599
Beer will fix that
id: 22600
Whoa! What's over there?
id: 22601
Get outta my face
id: 22602
Laura's having a good time. I especially like this picture just because it came out so crystal clear
id: 22603
St. Pauli Girl and Lara Croft dance!
id: 22604
Dance the night away
id: 22605
Tony on the couch across the room
id: 22606
He's got a drink, is he going to go for it?
id: 22607
id: 22608
He seems pleased with his decision
id: 22609
Oh no! I've been spotted by Mike!
id: 22610
Oh good, someone else has the boomstick pointed at them now
id: 22611
Mike checks out Rosie's sweet dance moves
id: 22612
Meanwhile, Smashley jumps around
id: 22613
Don't fall over!
id: 22614
Smashley and Michelle dancing again
id: 22615
Mike does more somersaults
id: 22616
Rosie gets in on the breakdancing action
id: 22617
Smashley tried, but dresses aren't really conducive to handstands
id: 22618
Mike sets up for another handstand
id: 22619
James got completely vertical
id: 22620
And he nearly wormed his way out of the room!!
id: 22621
Michelle dances
id: 22622
Mike's got his (nonfunctioning) boombox on this shoulder
id: 22623
Zombie Freud got hot and took off his blazer
id: 22624
A geisha is here!
id: 22625
Maria talks to Geisha Girl
id: 22626
Alicia made it too
id: 22627
Brett and Tony talk to Alicia
id: 22628
Meanwhile, Brandon and Smashley party on
id: 22629
And Bryce joins in
id: 22630
Smash and Brandon standing around
id: 22631
Dancing time!
id: 22632
The mystery costume guy was Joe! Everyone went nuts
id: 22633
Brett comes after my camera
id: 22634
Me and Mike
id: 22635
Everyone jumped in for this picture!
id: 22636
Check out Brett balancing this can on Rosie's knee
id: 22637
Brett won the "Sexiest Costume" trophy!
id: 22638
This calls for a Jello shot
id: 22639
Brandon.. helps?
id: 22640
Brett was pretty psyched
id: 22641
Oh no! Brett dropped his trophy already!
id: 22642
Brett's trophy in all its glory
id: 22643
We ran into Monty, I mean Flavor Flaaaaav, and some girl at the Late Night
id: 22644
This guy had a sweet wig
id: 22645
This girl sat next to us at the late night
id: 22646
Brett and Rosie get some cheesy bread
id: 22647
Potato Dude got a stick of cheesy bread!
id: 22648
Sweet costume dude
id: 22649
I think this is the right place
id: 22650
When we got back, Brandon had ripped his shirt off
id: 22651
The flashes are blinding him
id: 22652
They're too much for him to handle!
id: 22653
Mike dances like there's no tomorrow
id: 22654
James has lost his shirt, but gained a headband and some sweet pajama pants
id: 22655
Bryce seems upset
id: 22656
Brandon looks so freaky
id: 22657
Everyone convinced Brett to rip his shirt in half
id: 22658
Bryce remains in the Shirt Club
id: 22659
This is another picture that really sum up the evening. Just click it
id: 22660
Who gave Bryce that gun?
id: 22661
Mike and Rosie dance in my First Person Shooter
id: 22662
James dances by himself
id: 22663
Brett rocks out on an air guitar
id: 22664
Brandon just rocks ou tin general
id: 22665
Dancing time!
id: 22666
Dancing time is now!
id: 22667
Crazed Brandon from across the room
id: 22668
Group hug?
id: 22669
I took this picture to show what the actual lighting was like
id: 22670
Brandon started flipping the light switch on and off
id: 22671
It made for a kind of cool effect
id: 22672
The dancing continues
id: 22673
And James is psyched
id: 22674
Meanwhile, Brett jams on
id: 22675
Brett really gets into his air guitar solos
id: 22676
Bryce fell down and took Brett for the ride
id: 22677
id: 22678
James leaned over me to change the iPod. He looks so determined
id: 22679
Oh this can only end in heartbreak
id: 22680
Mike's got someone's wig
id: 22681
Get it positioned just right..
id: 22682
Very nice, Mike
id: 22683
Back to "normal" bald Mike
id: 22684
The beginning of one of the night's many pileons
id: 22685
Brandon goes on the offensive!
id: 22686
Brett chases them into James' room
id: 22687
Mike's got Brandon by the neck!
id: 22688
Good pile on
id: 22689
Brandon in mid-disaster
id: 22690
Bryce really gets into his flips
id: 22691
Too bad he nailed Tony on the way down!
id: 22692
Mike looks like he's in the process of breaking his neck
id: 22693
Bryce doesn't seem impressed with Tony's flipping skills
id: 22694
I convinced Bryce to do one more
id: 22695
Rosie gets in on the breakdancing again
id: 22696
Brett and Brandon on the couch
id: 22697
That is one full couch
id: 22698
Clark James shouts at the ceiling?
id: 22699
What's up, Bryce?
id: 22700
James and Bryce
id: 22701
Mike in the big chair
id: 22702
This picture is so weird, it just looks like Brandon is naked. ...he's not.
id: 22703
Brandon attacks!
id: 22704
Oh no, Brett's got the wig now
id: 22705
Looking good, Brett
id: 22706
This is James with the megaflash, and the least amount of light my camera would let in. Check out the EXIF data for details
id: 22707
Bryce browses through songs on the iPod
id: 22708
Another shot showing the actual lighting
id: 22709
I finally left, and found a VCR on the way back
id: 22710
Who would leave a VCR on the ground?
id: 22711
They're not cheap anymore, you know!
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