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12/07/07 - Brett's broken glasses, mail to Iraq, DS party, and Rye the kitty!

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id: 22908
Brett's glasses situation has gotten worse
id: 22909
Looking good..
id: 22910
This is how Brett has to use the computer now
id: 22911
Mail to Levi in Iraq!
id: 22912
Doesn't look sketchy at all
id: 22913
The letter and discs I sent
id: 22914
Cool dude
id: 22915
Rob, Joe, and James
id: 22916
What's up Rob
id: 22917
Nice face, James
id: 22918
James is such a creep
id: 22919
On the Republican debate you could see approval ratings change in realtime
id: 22920
Brandon found a stray cat and brought her home
id: 22921
They tentatively named her Jewish Rye
id: 22922
Just Rye for short
id: 22923
Pretty kitty!
id: 22924
Helloooo Rye
id: 22925
Rye settles in for a nap
id: 22926
Sleeping kitty
id: 22927
Bryce sits in such a strange way
id: 22928
Sneaking up on kitty
id: 22929
Bryce is going to eat Rye!
id: 22930
Bryce and Rye
id: 22931
What's over there?
id: 22932
Helloooo kitty!
id: 22933
Rye stretches out on Bryce
id: 22934
Posing with some DSes. Maybe for
id: 22935
Brett with a bag on his head
id: 22936
"Curse you!"
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