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12/24/07 - Frozen car, Moe's party, Christmas at Uncle Michael's, and lost license plate

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id: 22937
This guy is just screwed
id: 22938
Bryce's van isn't looking much better
id: 22939
The door's frozen shut! Actually it was just locked but we didn't know that for fifteen minutes
id: 22940
Frozen handle!
id: 22941
Brushing snow off..
id: 22942
Snow in mid-flight!
id: 22943
Making some progress
id: 22944
For the record, I did help too, I just took pictures when all the tools were taken
id: 22945
Brandon attacks the ice
id: 22946
Smashley uses a Swiffer
id: 22947
Bryce standing around
id: 22948
Brandon broke the scraper!
id: 22949
It's still kind of useful
id: 22950
Bryce turns the heat on
id: 22951
Whoops! Wrong setting for a flash photo!
id: 22952
Bryce finishes off the windshield
id: 22953
James gets aggressive with the ice
id: 22954
Poor Bryce
id: 22955
I went to a Moe's Meal!
id: 22956
Everyone came for a big end of semester meal
id: 22957
Michele, Smashley, and Brandon at the table
id: 22958
Hi Rosie!
id: 22959
The lighting was great for pictures
id: 22960
Good eating
id: 22961
James takes a drink
id: 22962
The table really wasn't big enough to hold all of us
id: 22963
Bryce's burrito
id: 22964
Smashley looks so disgusted
id: 22965
Tony ran out of burrito and opted for eating his hand
id: 22966
James gives Mike (the photographer) a look
id: 22967
Mike took some pictures of the whole table
id: 22968
Fun night!
id: 22969
I found this on the last day of the semester.. Lots of booze!!
id: 22970
Brett with non-geled hair. Much better!
id: 22971
An avid Batman fan
id: 22972
Ron Paul ads!
id: 22973
This guy was moving the big sign
id: 22974
Me, Greg, and Johnny
id: 22975
Like my haircut?
id: 22976
Gragra hanging out
id: 22977
Johnny, despite his best attempts, gets photographed
id: 22978
Chris has a little table
id: 22979
Mom checks out the food
id: 22980
Singing carols...
id: 22981
Becky pulled up into the snow bank and when she left...
id: 22982
...the plate stayed behind.
id: 22983
Poor Becky
id: 22984
She was in good spirits later while wrapping presents
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