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01/19/08 - Lovell's autograph, Dad's yellow room, and me and Becky's birthday!

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id: 23074
"Are POO and ASS taken?"
id: 23075
My autographed copy of Lost Moon
id: 23076
Signed by Jim Lovell, commander of Apollo 13
id: 23077
Good book!
id: 23078
My Dad painted one of his apartments yellow!
id: 23079
Hi Aunt Teresa!
id: 23080
Gragra seems.. distraught
id: 23081
My Mom brings in our combo cake
id: 23082
22 for me and 20 for Becky!
id: 23083
id: 23084
Creepy creepy salt shaker
id: 23085
id: 23086
Hi Becky!
id: 23087
Mom and Aunt Teresa
id: 23088
Becky loves Scene It
id: 23089
Kitties sleeping
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