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01/26/08 - TAing for Chou's class, Personal Values, and Bryce and Clark James sing their best hits

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id: 23090
When the new bio building was finished, they had all the bio students pose for a picture.. Brandon snuck in with Bryce and Rosie
id: 23091
The view from the back of the lab while CS99 is in session
id: 23092
CS99, the class I TA for
id: 23093
Students in CS99
id: 23094
There are a lot of people in the class
id: 23095
Professor Chou helps out a student
id: 23096
Students wait for help from me, Liz, and Professor Chou
id: 23097
Liz in the back row
id: 23098
Professor Chou looking at someone's screen
id: 23099
Professor Chou helping a student
id: 23100
The first row of students
id: 23101
The second row of students
id: 23102
id: 23103
Liz helps someone else with the "cd" command
id: 23104
Professor Chou poses for a shot
id: 23105
"He's taking pictures"
id: 23106
Professor Chou explains a concept
id: 23107
Students with glowing screens
id: 23108
Professor Chou in front of the projector
id: 23109
id: 23110
id: 23111
Personal Values! A... circle class
id: 23112
A lot of people sit outside the circle, myself included
id: 23113
Hi Ian!
id: 23114
We have to wear name tags, just like Mari here
id: 23115
This guy looks confused
id: 23116
And sleepy
id: 23117
Professor Marton arrives
id: 23118
Making a list of stuff to talk about
id: 23119
Talking about Socrates and the Oracle at Delphi
id: 23120
Hi Professor Marton
id: 23121
Michele and Rosie about to do a confessional
id: 23122
id: 23123
What's up, guys?
id: 23124
James and Bryce working on their set list
id: 23125
Don't you give me that crazy look, Bryce
id: 23126
James is having fun
id: 23127
Bryce looks distraught
id: 23128
Hi Brandon
id: 23129
That's gross
id: 23130
Brandon tries on Mike's orange belt
id: 23131
Now there's a good picture
id: 23132
Bryce's introduction to their set list
id: 23133
Set list, part one
id: 23134
Set list, part two
id: 23135
Me looking in the window
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