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02/05/08 - Mike' sweet art studio and my new mini-laptop Navi!

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id: 23456
Mike makes some really really cool video game art
id: 23457
id: 23458
Mike poses next to his art
id: 23459
A 360 panorama of Mike's studio
id: 23460
Mike poses next to his Lakitu painting
id: 23461
Mike made a painting of James eating a burrito on wrappers from Moe's
id: 23462
Unfortunately James couldn't stop laughing for the pose.. as is demonstrated here
id: 23463
Mike started a new thing where he makes a mess, decides what the painting is, and then goes with it. This is apparently the Hulk
id: 23464
This is the picture used as a basis for James' painting
id: 23465
id: 23466
Lots of paint
id: 23467
A closeup of James' face
id: 23468
Speaking of faces...
id: 23469
A cool painting done on ripped up paper
id: 23470
Tony, Mike, and James hanging out
id: 23471
Hi Mike
id: 23472
James stares off into the distance
id: 23473
Tony on his laptop
id: 23474
Hi Tony
id: 23475
id: 23476
id: 23477
Mike sitting on the couch
id: 23478
Everyone on the couch.. Tony seems intrigued
id: 23479
id: 23480
A new rough draft of Boom-shacka-lacka
id: 23481
My new mini-laptop Navi!
id: 23482
For comparison, I put my cell phone and a quarter on it
id: 23483
It's really small
id: 23484
My hand and a quarter for scale
id: 23485
The laptop when closed
id: 23486
The underside
id: 23487
Navi compared to Gamakichi
id: 23488
It is... so small
id: 23489
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