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02/23/08 - Lunar Eclipse and the debut of our Rock Band band "Seven Car Pileup"

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id: 23490
Brett got a sweet tattoo drawn on his arm
id: 23491
Looks like James' handiwork to me
id: 23492
Bryce, James, and Brett practice for our Rock Band competition
id: 23493
At the actual event, Bryce will play Bass and I'll be on the drums
id: 23494
Look at them go
id: 23495
James gets pretty into it
id: 23496
I finally beat Metal Gear Solid 3. Here's my rating
id: 23497
The lunar eclipse is starting!
id: 23498
Slowly progressing
id: 23499
It was still a little cloudy at this point
id: 23500
More eclipse
id: 23501
A dragon is eating the moon!!
id: 23502
I came back out later and the moon was almost gone
id: 23503
I had to crank up the sensitivity on my camera because it had gotten much darker
id: 23504
Looks like the total eclipse is ending
id: 23505
The moon over Bullock hall
id: 23506
Red moon
id: 23507
Getting a little brighter
id: 23508
This is a fifteen second exposure.. it's amazing how much the earth moves in such a short period of time. Look at the stars!
id: 23509
Good night moon
id: 23510
Seven Car Pileup practices before the show
id: 23511
Getting used to the stage..
id: 23512
James, in full costume, gets ready for the cocert
id: 23513
Yes, this really is my costume. Note the protobeard
id: 23514
James and Bryce pose
id: 23515
Band picture!
id: 23516
Seven Car Pileup in all its glory
id: 23517
Getting warmed up
id: 23518
We even have a mic stand now
id: 23519
Brett adjusts some settings
id: 23520
No one is playing their normal role!
id: 23521
Brett wore a heavy coat until show time so people couldn't see his costume
id: 23522
The LAN Lounge was packed
id: 23523
The band hanging out
id: 23524
Sitting around
id: 23525
Our main competition: Bitchin' Kitchen
id: 23526
Bryce in his makeup
id: 23527
Bitchin' Kitchen begins their set
id: 23528
Tony and Shayna
id: 23529
Two cool dudes
id: 23530
Seven Car Pileup takes the stage at last!
id: 23531
Look at us go
id: 23532
James really gets into it
id: 23533
Brett doing a solo
id: 23534
Bryce gets into a bass groove
id: 23535
James jumped around like a maniac
id: 23536
It was so much fun
id: 23537
Glam Rock Brett
id: 23538
The set continues
id: 23539
James spots Photo Ninja Tony
id: 23540
A slow slong
id: 23541
Bryce walking around stage
id: 23542
Like my crazy wig?
id: 23543
Bryce gets into the moment
id: 23544
The audience was going wild
id: 23545
Bryce on bass
id: 23546
Brett on lead guitar
id: 23547
James singing, and me on the drums
id: 23548
Brett moves around stage a little
id: 23549
Go Brett Go
id: 23550
We blew the competition out of the water
id: 23551
They never saw what hit them
id: 23552
Where is Bryce going?
id: 23553
Me and Brett get into the moment
id: 23554
Brett ripped his shirt open during the finale
id: 23555
James lost his wig somehow
id: 23556
Bryce next to Brett's crazy hat
id: 23557
Brett and Rosie
id: 23558
Everyone pose!
id: 23559
Don't give me that look
id: 23560
James always looks so intense while drinking beer
id: 23561
Tony not so much
id: 23562
That is quite a pose
id: 23563
Brett spotted me
id: 23564
Brett sitting around
id: 23565
Brett in the bar
id: 23566
This is obviously a posed picture because Brandon always makes an insane face for those
id: 23567
A slightly more natural picture
id: 23568
Everyone pose!
id: 23569
talking about something
id: 23570
Smash and Brandon
id: 23571
Shayna's got a fancy drink
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