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02/28/08 - New graphics card at last! (GeForce 9600 GT) and Metal Gear Madness

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id: 23572
At long last NVIDIA released their new line of cards
id: 23573
I picked up a 9600 for $179, a bargain!
id: 23574
Here it is next to a quarter for scale
id: 23575
It's heavy!
id: 23576
The 9600 is teh hueg
id: 23577
I beat Metal Gear Solid 3 with no kills and no alerts! And I picked up a live tsuchinoko to boot!
id: 23578
For my trouble I got.. a single action army (well.. I could have done that in a normal run)
id: 23579
The stealth camo (whoooo!)
id: 23580
And the inifinity face paint!
id: 23581
I took the stealth camo and IFP out for a whirl and got a little carried away and beat the entire game in one sitting. Whoops!
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