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03/16/08 - St. Patrick's Day Ripper!

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id: 23614
James sure has a spiffy hat
id: 23615
Brandon and Smash pose amongst the balloons
id: 23616
There were a lot of balloons
id: 23617
Brett really took the "wear green" rule to heart
id: 23618
He's like some sort of Irish pimp
id: 23619
James toasts.. something
id: 23620
Smash, James, and Brandon are having fun
id: 23621
James is wicked excited about something
id: 23622
The James strut
id: 23623
Speech Champions at their best
id: 23624
Smashley looks like she just got cut off
id: 23625
Smash shows those balloons who's boss
id: 23626
Tony isn't being awkward at all
id: 23627
Mike fears death from above, in balloon form
id: 23628
Mike and Nicole
id: 23629
Tony and Balloon Man
id: 23630
Michele walks by
id: 23631
Bryce seems to be thinking about balloons
id: 23632
Oh the balloons were flying, you better believe it
id: 23633
Throwing balloons
id: 23634
Standing in a sea of green
id: 23635
Hi James
id: 23636
Brett, Rosie, and others in the kitchen
id: 23637
Brett thinks he's cool
id: 23638
Bryce still hasn't moved
id: 23639
What's up, Bryce?
id: 23640
Couch people!
id: 23641
That's an odd face to make
id: 23642
John just came back from his beer advertising tour
id: 23643
There was at least one balloon in the air at any given time for hours
id: 23644
The dynamic duo
id: 23645
Bryce is Balloon Man!
id: 23646
Whiskey slaps! I mistimed this just a bit, but you can see the red mark on Tony's face
id: 23647
James duct taped my glow sticks to his fan
id: 23648
It looks pretty neat
id: 23649
Brandon's sister Meredith and her friends
id: 23650
Bryce chills on the couch
id: 23651
Tony has a pillow and he knows how to use it
id: 23652
I picked up this sweet green shirt at Salvies
id: 23653
Annie and James on the chair
id: 23654
Brett and Rosie dance in the balloons
id: 23655
The couch crew swat away balloons
id: 23656
Bryce doesn't seem to be phased by what's going on
id: 23657
Brett and Rosie are still dancing
id: 23658
OK, now Bryce is upset about something
id: 23659
The balloons are flying again!
id: 23660
Rosie nagivates the balloons
id: 23661
Brett is looking spiffier than ever with the addition of the green streamers he accidentally tore down
id: 23662
Watch out, Brett!
id: 23663
James prepares for his whistle performance
id: 23664
Rosie accompanied him with vocals
id: 23665
A combo picture, flash and long exposure
id: 23666
James adjusts the speakers
id: 23667
That balloon won't go far, Brett
id: 23668
Oh no! I've been spotted
id: 23669
Everyone gathers around the chair
id: 23670
John is having the time of his life
id: 23671
Mike stares at the camera
id: 23672
Brett strikes a pose
id: 23673
All the balloon killing upset Bryce
id: 23674
The couch crew
id: 23675
The couch crew.. without flash!
id: 23676
Bryce had a good idea using a balloon as a foot rest, it was really comfortable
id: 23677
Note how few balloons there are now..
id: 23678
Annie pins a pin on James
id: 23679
James got impatient and eventually did it himself
id: 23680
Bryce makes a.. perplexing face
id: 23681
And also a creepy one
id: 23682
Party time!
id: 23683
Brett sings something
id: 23684
That might be an air guitar, it's tough to tell with the drink
id: 23685
Brett seems caught off guard
id: 23686
Look at all the balloon debris!
id: 23687
Bryce doesn't seem to approve of this posed shot
id: 23688
Gah, stay out of there, Rosie!
id: 23689
Bryce looks his best for this pose
id: 23690
I call this one Tripod-Smash
id: 23691
So much crap on the floor!
id: 23692
I eventually retreated to the porch for a quiet moment
id: 23693
James and Annie on the chair
id: 23694
I love the face James is making here
id: 23695
I had some fun with the glowstick fan
id: 23696
id: 23697
A flash/long exposure shot, showing the glow sticks themselves
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