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03/22/08 - Anime Boston - Day 1-3, pictures of the convention itself! Cosplay, masquerade, lots of fun

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id: 23754
There was an uncontrollable mob in the video room at 8am on the first day of the con
id: 23755
Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes!
id: 23756
Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3!
id: 23757
These guys wouldn't let me take their picture till they fixed their question mark.. surprise!
id: 23758
A flash picture of the MGS3 group
id: 23759
Poor Snake, what will he do now?
id: 23760
Bryce checks out the schedule
id: 23761
The infamous "white supremecist" bottles. The bottle people printed the file NAME instead of the contents! I'm just bummed I didn't get one!
id: 23762
Dave on the computer
id: 23763
Domo-kun loves his Companion Cube
id: 23764
Chilling around Tech Ops in the afternoon
id: 23765
Bulma and Piccolo!
id: 23766
A storm trooper!
id: 23767
An awesome Bowser!
id: 23768
Bowser with a little more perspective
id: 23769
James loves Anime Boston
id: 23770
James and some cosplayers in line for pizza
id: 23771
I love watching the interaction of cosplayers with normal people.. but it's hard to convey in a picture
id: 23772
Chrono makes his way through the food court
id: 23773
Card Captor Sakura gets some coffee
id: 23774
Even anime characters need to use the ATM now and then
id: 23775
My people!
id: 23776
The registration line was epic
id: 23777
I heard that at one point there was a three hour wait just to get in the line!
id: 23778
This guy stole Snake's box from Smash Brothers Brawl
id: 23779
Asahina poses in her bunny-girl outfit!
id: 23780
So I heard...
id: 23781
This guy had a working monitor playing DDR on his head!
id: 23782
People milling around the dealer's room
id: 23783
Dealer's room!
id: 23784
Hey, you've got red on you
id: 23785
That's right, it's Shaun from Shaun of the Dead
id: 23786
Mr. Game and Watch!
id: 23787
An incredible Ursula from The Little Mermaid
id: 23788
The same shot, but with flash
id: 23789
I ran into Venus again, the cool musical Link cosplayer I met at ConnectiCon 2006
id: 23790
Venus Link again with flash
id: 23791
TF2 cosplayers! We've got spy vs spy.. vs scout
id: 23792
And the scout is after the intelligence!
id: 23793
I'm not sure how Waldo got dragged into all of this
id: 23794
Red spy and blue spy!
id: 23795
Venus again! This time she's gotten herself into a fight with some Final Fantasy characters
id: 23796
Go Links!
id: 23797
Mudkip has made it onto an official sign!
id: 23798
The crowd packs in for the AMV contest
id: 23799
Bryce is having the time of his life
id: 23800
Yes, the guy in the lobster suit is the same guy who was in the banana suit last year. You can apparently tell by the shoes..
id: 23801
Hmm, there seems to be a crowd outside of main events
id: 23802
That is a lot of anime fans
id: 23803
Holy crap! Look how far back it goes!!
id: 23804
I'm not sure who this is, but neat costume!
id: 23805
I can't remember the last time I've seen an ad this direct
id: 23806
This year's theme was under water, so.. here's a giant crab
id: 23807
Me at my finest
id: 23808
I just saw these guys posing and jumped in to take a picture
id: 23809
A creepy nurse from Resident Evil, and an incredible costume of a citizen of Rapture, from Bioshock
id: 23810
A somewhat creepy Mr. Popo
id: 23811
I kept running into the Metal Gear Solid 3 guys
id: 23812
Chell from Portal! Well done!
id: 23813
That Vegeta guy is back again!
id: 23814
Sadly this was the only Haibane cosplayer I saw all weekend. Great Reki!
id: 23815
Chell finally found her Companion Cube
id: 23816
Tifa, Aeris, and Squall on a chocobo!
id: 23817
B-kun and the new A-chan working on a video
id: 23818
This guy was just too funny. For those who can't read it, the symbol on his shirt says "su"
id: 23819
This was my view for much of the convention.. keeping the microphone levels correctly set at panels
id: 23820
These guys didn't ask tech ahead of time if they could hook up their camera so we had to improvise.. We hooked up the video and just used a microphone next to the camera's speaker
id: 23821
I saw Reki again at one of the panels I staffed
id: 23822
The turnout for The Pillows concert was.. impressive
id: 23823
Something like 5000 people came to see it
id: 23824
Bryce staffed the event, keeping people from using photography
id: 23825
Another incredible Metal Gear Solid 3 team!
id: 23826
I see Sokolov, Eva, The End, The Boss, Revolver Ocelot, Snake, and ..Snake
id: 23827
A long exposure of the Masquerade's lights!
id: 23828
id: 23829
Attendees getting seated
id: 23830
Lauren Goodnight, the Masquerade Emcee injured her eye and had an eyepatch on
id: 23831
Anime Boston 2008!
id: 23832
Captain Jack Sparrow kicked things off with "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"
id: 23833
A skit involving the ongoing conflict between pirates and ninjas
id: 23834
I can only assume these guys are from Kingdom Hearts due to the keyblades
id: 23835
id: 23836
Impressive weapons
id: 23837
Some more impressive weapons
id: 23838
Don't you point that thing at me
id: 23839
A very impressive J-E-N-O-V-A costume. Note the light-up eye
id: 23840
And off she goes
id: 23841
A strangely flamboyant Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro
id: 23842
Temari shows off her flag
id: 23843
Some kind of FMA skit
id: 23844
The entire room was PACKED
id: 23845
Link and Navi
id: 23846
Look at all the Links!
id: 23847
So many links
id: 23848
A fight ensues!
id: 23849
The fight.. seems to have ended
id: 23850
What's over there?
id: 23851
Fighting again!
id: 23852
Black Link gets his head smashed in with a hammer
id: 23853
Navi doesn't seem all that concerned.. little did she know that she was next
id: 23854
Damn I love my telephoto lens
id: 23855
Inuyasha sure can dance
id: 23856
Inuyasha and.. Inuyasha!
id: 23857
He likes to be scratched behind the ear
id: 23858
The Haruhi Thriller zombies
id: 23859
Haruhi was a mess
id: 23860
That guy from Ouran high everyone likes
id: 23861
These guys were pretty hilarious. This was a fake ad for hair spray
id: 23862
Well done, guys
id: 23863
Someone, Winry, and Tifa!
id: 23864
The skit continues
id: 23865
id: 23866
More dancing!
id: 23867
Swing that bat around
id: 23868
id: 23869
Sora.. asks a question
id: 23870
Guys with neat props!
id: 23871
Various characters..
id: 23872
Various characters to the caramelldansen!
id: 23873
Scott, I mean B-kun, makes a mad dash across teh stage
id: 23874
Neat costume
id: 23875
id: 23876
This was a pretty crazy prop
id: 23877
It's all spiky
id: 23878
And curvy
id: 23879
These guys were from one of the Dot Hack's
id: 23880
A challenger appears!
id: 23881
Pretty incredible costumes
id: 23882
Something about Romeo and Juliet?
id: 23883
She was doing an audition
id: 23884
This little kid got wicked excited
id: 23885
I dunno, cosplayers! Whooo
id: 23886
Their skit continues
id: 23887
I have no idea who they are
id: 23888
Lauren Goodnight's eyepatch kept getting more elaborate as the night went on
id: 23889
Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War
id: 23890
The guy playing Ghim walked on his knees
id: 23891
These guys were pretty funny, great costumes too!
id: 23892
Deedlit strikes a pose
id: 23893
The Prince from Katamari!
id: 23894
The plan was to roll up Boston..
id: 23895
And off he goes!
id: 23896
Oh no! Cousin Ichigo!
id: 23897
And there was some kind of conclusion..
id: 23898
The Katamari Dance!
id: 23899
Mike Lee makes a brief appearance on stage!
id: 23900
And off he goes!!
id: 23901
That is one big scythe
id: 23902
L hates carrots
id: 23903
Another chocobo girl!
id: 23904
Pretty crazy costume
id: 23905
Putting his weapon in inventory..
id: 23906
Resident Evil, right?
id: 23907
A standoff!
id: 23908
Inevitably, there was dancing
id: 23909
Purple Girl!
id: 23910
Black Girl, Red Girl, and Purple Girl!
id: 23911
These two were pretty neat
id: 23912
They turned around!
id: 23913
Running around..
id: 23914
Look out!
id: 23915
Not sure what's going on here
id: 23916
Lauren's eyepatch grows ever larger
id: 23917
A-chan runs across the stage!
id: 23918
This costume was just too ridiculous
id: 23919
Giant Jigglypuff!
id: 23920
And he's armed wtih a marker!!
id: 23921
These guys were ghosts I guess
id: 23922
Because they played the ghost busters theme and attacked them with this gun!
id: 23923
Ahhhh ghostbusting gun!
id: 23924
The "Life inside your DS" skit
id: 23925
Cooking Mama and Phonix Wright!
id: 23926
I'm not sure who these guys are but the crowd loved them
id: 23927
The DS skit continues
id: 23928
Look at them go
id: 23929
Phoenix Wright really got into the dance
id: 23930
Is that an objection I see?
id: 23931
Everyone gets in on the dancing now!
id: 23932
Great skit, guys!
id: 23933
Lauren didn't seem to care that her eyepatch was slowly taking over her entire face
id: 23934
Some neat cosplayers from a show I don't know
id: 23935
He's got a bunch of credit cards!
id: 23936
id: 23937
Belldandy.. and friends!
id: 23938
They danced to "Soldier Boy"
id: 23939
I don't know why either, Red Skirt Girl
id: 23940
Sketch finally finished his Canti cosplay! To give you an idea of huge it is, look at the Guitar Hero guitar!
id: 23941
It looks great, Sketch!
id: 23942
He got himself involved in a guitar battle
id: 23943
Sketch looks to his opponent
id: 23944
Guitar battle!
id: 23945
Sketch plays some more
id: 23946
Go, Sketch, go!
id: 23947
The needle is clearly on Sketch's side
id: 23948
He's switched to his Canti-sized guitar
id: 23949
id: 23950
id: 23951
Mike Lee cut the lights so we could see how his costume glowed!
id: 23952
Awesome job, Sketch
id: 23953
Yes, at this point, Lauren actually had a circuit board attached to her face
id: 23954
The Haruhi skit in the exhibition portion! Sorry I only got one picutre, I wanted to get a video of this group
id: 23955
The Anime Boy Band, or something like that.. if you didn't know about Bridget before, sorry to break the news
id: 23956
I'll give you one guess as to what song they're doing.. I see a Y
id: 23957
I see an M
id: 23958
The dancing continues
id: 23959
What are Goku and Ash doing?
id: 23960
That might be an A
id: 23961
And that's definitely a C
id: 23962
A wider shot of the dancers
id: 23963
See? I was actually just about as far away as possible
id: 23964
I just really like this shot
id: 23965
I'm not sure what's going on here
id: 23966
Some sort of gameshow
id: 23967
Oh no! Fighting!
id: 23968
Bisque and Lauren dance!
id: 23969
Selecting characters for the Smash Brothers skit
id: 23970
id: 23971
Link vs Marth
id: 23972
Peach doesn't seem all that intimidated by Mario
id: 23973
Link's leg is exposed!
id: 23974
I think the game was paused at this point
id: 23975
The fight rages on
id: 23976
This guy was keeping track of lives
id: 23977
Mario seems pretty pleased
id: 23978
The incredible Duck Hunt team set up their ridiculous skit
id: 23979
By sitting in the balcony, I ruined the forced perspective.. from the ground all this stuff lined up
id: 23980
It still looks pretty great though
id: 23981
The lights in the front were controlled with custom programmed microcontrollers!
id: 23982
That scoreboard is just begging to have bigger numbers on it
id: 23983
A neat 15-second exposure of the tech area
id: 23984
The Anime Boston technical staff, hard at work to bring you another fine show
id: 23985
Most people bailed out after the AMV awards
id: 23986
Just a few people left for the Masquerade awards
id: 23987
A better shot of the ginormous Nintendo gun used in Duck Hunt
id: 23988
Dick Tripwire oddly pats a voice actor on the head
id: 23989
Dick Tripwire surveys the crowd
id: 23990
Look how many people showed up to Hentai Dubbing!
id: 23991
Yes, that's right. Hentai Dubbing was in Main Events this year!
id: 23992
Dick Tripwire cues up the DVD
id: 23993
Dick picked the guy on the right just cause it was so weird. "I don't even care if it's a chick in there, just get up here"
id: 23994
Dick and the voice actor performed what must be the first ever live music AMV
id: 23995
Mike asked Dick Tripwire to sign some hentai he had produced
id: 23996
Mr. Tripwire was happy to oblige
id: 23997
Quite a souvenir for Mike!
id: 23998
We found Pimp Mario, the guy who saved the day at Hentai Dubbing with his hilarious performance
id: 23999
I guess us anime fans are just a bunch of heathans
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