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04/28/08 - Noise Day and lots of Rubiks' Cubes

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id: 24101
You can't hide forever, Tony
id: 24102
This band showed up at Noise Day
id: 24103
They were pretty weird
id: 24104
As you can see, Brandon loved it
id: 24105
Actually we hated it
id: 24106
It might have been alright with the right atmosphere..
id: 24107
..but not on the green in the sun
id: 24108
Neat stilts though
id: 24109
Bryce has some laundry
id: 24110
Neat clouds
id: 24111
James and Bryce walk to the UC
id: 24112
Nice cafeteria comment
id: 24113
I bought a lot of Rubik's Cubes for professors
id: 24114
They took a while to assemble
id: 24115
I got myself a neat clear one
id: 24116
It looks especially good on a light
id: 24117
Too bad there's not a light built in
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