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05/08/08 - A trip to Pennsylvania with Bryce, James, and Tony. Cheese steaks and the Philedelphia Zoo!

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id: 24156
These cops pulled in front of us on the highway and made everyone slow down
id: 24157
It turned out to be because of construction on the road up ahead
id: 24158
Bryce chills out in a McDonalds
id: 24159
James is really loving his ice cream
id: 24160
Tony orders some late night food
id: 24161
We were in Bryce's house for about ten seconds when he opened a cabinet and sent pasta spilling everywhere
id: 24162
It's a pastastrophe
id: 24163
I finally met Pepper!
id: 24164
Bryce gives Pepper a hug
id: 24165
Bryce is determined to hold on
id: 24166
Pepper turns her attention back to Bryce
id: 24167
Oh no! Face licking!
id: 24168
What's up, Pepper?
id: 24169
Pepper was excited by all the people
id: 24170
I like her funny white ears
id: 24171
This one is actually kind of scary
id: 24172
Pepper was ready for fun when we woke up
id: 24173
James and Pepper chill on the couch
id: 24174
Pepper really liked James
id: 24175
Even Pepper thinks this picture is creepy
id: 24176
Speaking of creepy..
id: 24177
James actually know how to handle dogs, unlike me
id: 24178
Mr. Beepers!
id: 24179
What's outside?
id: 24180
What's over there?
id: 24181
What's over there!?
id: 24182
Pepper was quite a lounger
id: 24183
Dancing time
id: 24184
James is really enjoying his cheese steak
id: 24185
Bryce brought us to Jim's for authentic Phillie cheese steaks
id: 24186
Tony was more impressed than he looks here
id: 24187
Here's mine.. well, half of it anyway
id: 24188
Everyone sitting around at Jim's
id: 24189
Sitting around
id: 24190
Bryce took a wrong turn and we ended up going across the Benjamin Franklin bridge into New Jersey
id: 24191
At least I got some neat bridge pics
id: 24192
I only took a picture of this because James said "Millennium Falcon World!?"
id: 24193
What happened to the building under the billboard!?
id: 24194
Bryce made whoever was riding shotgun hold the EZ Pass up like this every time..
id: 24195
It's that bridge again
id: 24196
James is certainly having fun
id: 24197
id: 24198
A weird sculpture
id: 24199
Some skyscraper
id: 24200
Hey I know that guy
id: 24201
I love Central Phila
id: 24202
That's where we're heading
id: 24203
Ooo, Grand Theft Auto
id: 24204
Bryce was driving along
id: 24205
Squid sculpture?
id: 24206
Hey I know that place
id: 24207
This was a great shot until the truck drove in front of it. I just kept the picture to be able to say that
id: 24208
Bryce standing around in the zoo parking lot
id: 24209
James was really looking forward to the zoo
id: 24210
Alicia came too!
id: 24211
Yep, America's first zoo
id: 24212
Everyone walking into the park
id: 24213
Time to get tickets
id: 24214
Alicia and Bryce buy their tickets
id: 24215
This dude was talking for a TV camera
id: 24216
An elephant statue
id: 24217
Some neat fountain
id: 24218
Everyone looks at their park maps, figuring out where to go
id: 24219
Alicia apparently wants to go.. that-a-way
id: 24220
id: 24221
A kangaroo!
id: 24222
They actually are really weird to see in person
id: 24223
We called this guy loungie
id: 24224
It's strange to see them walk instead of hop
id: 24225
An emu!
id: 24226
id: 24227
This guy looks.. poisonous
id: 24228
Creepy snake
id: 24229
Hi snake
id: 24230
A snake hiding under a branch
id: 24231
Bryce really liked these guys becuase of how they were sleeping
id: 24232
They just kind of folded themselves up
id: 24233
A boa constrictor!
id: 24234
He was pretty big
id: 24235
Another boa
id: 24236
What is this, Slytherin house?
id: 24237
A chameleon
id: 24238
I called this guy the "turd lizard"
id: 24239
This is why.. look at him from above
id: 24240
id: 24241
Pitcher plants! I've never seen them in person
id: 24242
Venus fly traps!
id: 24243
It's tough to see how big this alligator was in this picture
id: 24244
He was pretty big
id: 24245
A crocodile
id: 24246
Nile crocodiles! They sat like this the whole time
id: 24247
A peacock strutting around
id: 24248
A peacock from behind
id: 24249
There were some peahens wandering around too
id: 24250
Some zoo workers were in the tortoise pen
id: 24251
With a human next to it, you can really tell how big the tortoises are
id: 24252
Another tortoise
id: 24253
They're getting closer!
id: 24254
They don't move very fast
id: 24255
Closer still!
id: 24256
A rhino!
id: 24257
He's like body armor with legs
id: 24258
I'm not sure what this guy is but he reminded me of the GNU logo. I don't think he's actually a gnu though
id: 24259
The peacock finally turned around
id: 24260
An elephant!
id: 24261
He was reaching around with his trunk
id: 24262
Another elephant
id: 24263
A zoo worker tends to the rhino
id: 24264
Heeey rhino
id: 24265
James snaps a picture of the rhino on his cell phone
id: 24266
James was really stoked
id: 24267
Om nom nom
id: 24268
nom nom nom
id: 24269
"Hey! Eat the food in your own pen!"
id: 24270
The sneaky elephant is after the rhino's food
id: 24271
This guy walked up to the glass, looked around a bit, and walked off
id: 24272
There he goes
id: 24273
Off into the wild blue yonder
id: 24274
These guys were probably the highlight of the trip
id: 24275
It was nearly impossible to get a picture of them because they were constantly moving
id: 24276
They were really fun to watch
id: 24277
A mommy monkey with a baby on her back!
id: 24278
This guy kept trying to get through the grate
id: 24279
What are you looking at?
id: 24280
Looking around at the other monkeys
id: 24281
This guy was pretty cool
id: 24282
Some kind of monkey
id: 24283
Looking outside
id: 24284
This monkey is kind of gross, especially when you notice she's peeing
id: 24285
This guy was really funny. He was just idly pulling hay or something off of a net
id: 24286
Sometimes he'd eat a little
id: 24287
Tony, Bryce, and James watching the gibbons
id: 24288
A gibbon!
id: 24289
Sadly, he had no ribbon
id: 24290
The orangutan was chilling out in the moat-like area
id: 24291
Bryce and Alicia look at the animals
id: 24292
It was tough to get a good picture of the lion because of the fence
id: 24293
Don't you give me that crazy look
id: 24294
I think this is a panther
id: 24295
A lioness
id: 24296
id: 24297
The tigers were pretty cool
id: 24298
He kept his mouth open for a while
id: 24299
Time to relax
id: 24300
Hey Tony
id: 24301
Click on this picture, the peacock is really funny
id: 24302
A peahen up close
id: 24303
A duck!
id: 24304
The most detailed picture of a Canadian goose I ever hope to take
id: 24305
The goose was here of his own free will
id: 24306
A prairie dog
id: 24307
He was checking us out
id: 24308
The bald eagles look pretty majestic, until they whip their head around to a weird angle like this
id: 24309
That's more like it
id: 24310
The cheetah exhibit was actually a little worrisome
id: 24311
As you can tell by the quality of the picture, there was no fence or glass or anything
id: 24312
If they jumped like eight feet they would've been out
id: 24313
I guess the zoo people know what they're doing
id: 24314
The cheetah sits down for a bit
id: 24315
What's over there?
id: 24316
A white-nosed coati looks around for bugs
id: 24317
I bet that's the last coati, white-nosed or otherwise, I'll see
id: 24318
A rhino with the full horn!
id: 24319
His "armor" wasn't quite as impressive though
id: 24320
He was smelling the ground for.. something
id: 24321
Bryce poses with the giraffe
id: 24322
A picture of Alicia trying to get a decent picture of Bryce
id: 24323
Bryce busts out the "McCoy pose"
id: 24324
A giraffe eating some leaves
id: 24325
A giraffe!
id: 24326
See? Black tongue!
id: 24327
Alicia and Bryce near the giraffe
id: 24328
Taking a self picture
id: 24329
Alicia claims Bryce was messing them up on purpose
id: 24330
Even I got in on the self-picture fun
id: 24331
Got any toys for me, giraffe?
id: 24332
The latest in the "excited James poses near animals" series
id: 24333
id: 24334
It was a little difficult to tell where one ended and another started, but I guess that's kind of the idea
id: 24335
Alicia stands near the zoo balloon
id: 24336
It's an actual balloon that will go up and down on a cable
id: 24337
Zoo-per size? That sounds familiar..
id: 24338
Oh yeah, Zoopers!
id: 24339
I figured Melrose James would get a kick out of this place's address
id: 24340
James and Bryce's dad at Kabuki
id: 24341
Bryce's parents took us out for sushi!
id: 24342
What's up Bryce?
id: 24343
We had champagne!
id: 24344
The sushi guy behind his counter
id: 24345
Proposing a toast
id: 24346
Toast time!
id: 24347
Toasting to graduation
id: 24348
Miso soup
id: 24349
Soy sauce and wasabi
id: 24350
They PREFER Discover!? This is my new favorite restaurant
id: 24351
James and Tony at the end of the table
id: 24352
My sushi platter was delicious
id: 24353
For some reason there was a Lockheed Martin building amongst the Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and movie theater..
id: 24354
A blast from the past! Tornado Rex!
id: 24355
These hikers don't know what they're in for
id: 24356
Oh no! Tornado Rex!
id: 24357
We had way too much fun with this game
id: 24358
This dude had three cats just chilling in his back seat!
id: 24359
Driving back to Massachusetts!
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