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05/19/08 - Clark University class of 2008 graduation day!!

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id: 24468
I spotted Tony at the graduation brunch
id: 24469
Mom and Becky came out
id: 24470
Aunt Kathy came too
id: 24471
Becky had fun at brunch
id: 24472
Brandon and Smashley in their gowns
id: 24473
Mel was there too
id: 24474
Bryce is as weird as always
id: 24475
Everyone standing around trying to figure out what to do
id: 24476
Mike puts on his golden rope dealy
id: 24477
James helps Bryce with his hood
id: 24478
Brett with his stuff on
id: 24479
Mel is all ready to attend Hogwarts
id: 24480
Rosie, Mike, and Nicole
id: 24481
Tony seems confounded by the tassel
id: 24482
Horia found us!
id: 24483
Brandon helps James with his hood
id: 24484
Brett and Rosie
id: 24485
Rosie standing around
id: 24486
Mike documents the event
id: 24487
Camera showdown!
id: 24488
Bryce looking around
id: 24489
Mike looking around.. in an oddly similar manner
id: 24490
Tony and Shayna are looking good
id: 24491
Laura found us
id: 24492
Laura and Mike are rocking the caps
id: 24493
Mike takes some more pictures
id: 24494
Brett is looking good
id: 24495
Time to go inside
id: 24496
This is how they organized us
id: 24497
Brandon filling out the survey they left for us
id: 24498
Mike and Mel
id: 24499
I found Rosie!
id: 24500
The view from the grid
id: 24501
Looking around the gym
id: 24502
id: 24503
Lots of people
id: 24504
This guy had the coolest hat
id: 24505
Joe has been spotted!
id: 24506
James had one of the dreaded "start row" cards.. lots of responsibility
id: 24507
Alex Abels!
id: 24508
Professor Joyce in his robes
id: 24509
Nice tie
id: 24510
Oh jeez.. everyone is leaving!
id: 24511
Walking out of the Kneller!
id: 24512
Walking past Wright
id: 24513
This girl brought her dog for the event.. the dog walked with her!
id: 24514
Oh man, lots of people
id: 24515
There were a ton of people taking pictures
id: 24516
So many people!
id: 24517
The line continues behind me
id: 24518
People were willing to do anything for a good view
id: 24519
It was a really strange people
id: 24520
Alina is psyched!
id: 24521
Everyone.. is staring.. at me.
id: 24522
Time to get under the tent
id: 24523
Brett standing around
id: 24524
The view from my seat while standing up
id: 24525
Someone talks about something..
id: 24526
Looking down my row
id: 24527
The view from my seat...
id: 24528
The stage!
id: 24529
This guy was clearly psyched
id: 24530
Well, this is it
id: 24531
My $130,000 piece of paper!
id: 24532
Mike walking.. this is why I didn't bother taking any other pictures of people getting their degree
id: 24533
Everyone standing around afterwards
id: 24534
Graduation tent
id: 24535
I are a college graduate
id: 24536
Graduation party at my Mom's house!
id: 24537
Dad and Uncle Chris chatting it up
id: 24538
Matt the Mat spotted my camera and made a face
id: 24539
Aunt Regina standing around
id: 24540
Looks like she's having fun
id: 24541
Uncle Jim was there too
id: 24542
Uncle Jim takes a sip from his drink
id: 24543
Dad brought his spiffy disposable camera
id: 24544
Camera showdown!
id: 24545
Mom got a Clark cake!
id: 24546
Matt hanging out
id: 24547
Gragra and Dad on the couch
id: 24548
Aunt Teresa and Aunt Regina
id: 24549
Looking through the graduation program
id: 24550
Aunt Regina and Aunt Kathy
id: 24551
Mom and Gragra
id: 24552
Maureen brought and iPhone and speakers
id: 24553
Betty came too! And yes, I did graduation in my NERV shirt
id: 24554
id: 24555
Kate pours some champagne
id: 24556
Everyone standing around
id: 24557
A toast!
id: 24558
id: 24559
My cake is being eaten!
id: 24560
Uncle Jim plays the piano
id: 24561
Mom and Gragra hug
id: 24562
Singing to piano music
id: 24563
The excitement never ends
id: 24564
The couch is party central
id: 24565
Uncle Jim played for a while
id: 24566
Becky and Meghan
id: 24567
Matt is apparently meditating
id: 24568
Uncle Chris takes a picture
id: 24569
O'Connells in the O'Corner
id: 24570
Betty finally gave in and played some piano
id: 24571
Becky, me, and Mom
id: 24572
Whoa.. somehow someone convinced all of us to pose together
id: 24573
After the main party, some Clark friends came out
id: 24574
Smash and Michele on the couch
id: 24575
Becky hung out too
id: 24576
Brett and Rosie
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