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05/26/08 - I move to Ohio!

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id: 24577
Space bags are neat. Here's the before shot
id: 24578
Here's the after shot
id: 24579
Mike looks something up on Navi
id: 24580
Hi Mike
id: 24581
Who's that guy in the chair?
id: 24582
Hmm.. he seems familiar
id: 24583
Well there's Carl..
id: 24584
Oh it's Wacko! Jon and his friend Carl crashed at my Mom's house for a couple of nights
id: 24585
Becky made me a mix CD for our drive
id: 24586
Mom checks out the car
id: 24587
Bye Becky! See you in a few months!
id: 24588
Bye Gragra!
id: 24589
This is my new GPS unit. I named it Cortana and can never drive without it again
id: 24590
A huge cargo jet flew by on our way out of Massachusetts
id: 24591
There it goes!
id: 24592
Neat hills
id: 24593
On the open road..
id: 24594
New York!
id: 24595
Old bridge, new bridge
id: 24596
Blue bridge
id: 24597
..old bridge
id: 24598
id: 24599
Pretty far from Buffalo
id: 24600
$3.99 gas!
id: 24601
id: 24602
More cows
id: 24603
Mom on the phone at a rest stop
id: 24604
Leaving the rest stop
id: 24605
id: 24606
Houses in the distance
id: 24607
Cloud shelf
id: 24608
Blasted rock
id: 24609
Sloping street
id: 24610
The hotel at the Day's Inn
id: 24611
Mom stuffs her bag into the car
id: 24612
What's that in the distance?
id: 24613
It's Lake Erie!
id: 24614
Haha, adult superstore
id: 24615
And there it is!
id: 24616
Street signs!
id: 24617
We were in Pennsylvania for a little while
id: 24618
Lake Erie again
id: 24619
A neat shot of the road with a bridge
id: 24620
I'm not even going to touch this one
id: 24621
The highest I saw was $4.01 but I couldn't manage to get a picture of it
id: 24622
A fireworks and karate store!?
id: 24623
id: 24624
Same plane
id: 24625
Welcome to Ohio!
id: 24626
Well I guess I'm really going!
id: 24627
Muffie is in Ohio?? Who knew
id: 24628
Near Cleveland..
id: 24629
Now that's an odd glitch..
id: 24630
Funny, I always thought it was in Maine
id: 24631
We had perfect weather
id: 24632
Cortana guided us well
id: 24633
Driving along..
id: 24634
Mom driving
id: 24635
You can't really tell here but this guy was perpendicular to the road on an overpass.. probably from an accident
id: 24636
What the hell??
id: 24637
Oh jeez. Time to get gas!
id: 24638
Mom wanted to go to this place
id: 24639
Highway shimmer!
id: 24640
What's with all the A's?
id: 24641
Mom got a kick out of the giant fries
id: 24642
Ohio barrn!
id: 24643
A sight I quickly became used to
id: 24644
Our first Dayton sign!
id: 24645
id: 24646
Another Dayton sign
id: 24647
id: 24648
Is this their headquarters?
id: 24649
id: 24650
id: 24651
Now.. is that "JESUS IS REAL" or "JESUS ISREAL"
id: 24652
A follow-up sign!
id: 24653
A military plane coming in for a landing! We must be near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base!
id: 24654
The plane over the highway
id: 24655
And away it goes
id: 24656
The first WPAFB sign!
id: 24657
Oh my god!
id: 24658
It's the Air Force museum! We're almost there!
id: 24659
The base is huge!!
id: 24660
Oh my god!! That's my street!
id: 24661
Ahhh! It's my apartment commplex!
id: 24662
My street!
id: 24663
My building!
id: 24664
Mom in my apartment
id: 24665
It comes with an AC!
id: 24666
Mom texts people letting them know we're there
id: 24667
My kitchen!
id: 24668
I took a picture of this damage in case I got blamed for it
id: 24669
My mom stands in the empty room
id: 24670
A ceiling fan!
id: 24671
My bedroom!
id: 24672
I have a giant closet
id: 24673
The bedroom door
id: 24674
Highwind was the first thing in the door
id: 24675
Mom moves stuff into the kitchen
id: 24676
That's my apartment complex!
id: 24677
My inflatable bed is ENORMOUS
id: 24678
My mom put some sheets on my bed
id: 24679
Making the bed
id: 24680
This kid was right outside my apartment
id: 24681
We forgot shower curtain hooks so Mom resorted to duct tape
id: 24682
Yep.. Duct tape.
id: 24683
I got an enormous table for my computer. I love it
id: 24684
The pile of stuff that needs to be unpacked
id: 24685
My bed is all made up nice
id: 24686
My car!
id: 24687
This is the view from the sidewalk just outside my apartment
id: 24688
The Dayton skyline
id: 24689
There are a lot of "turn only" lanes here
id: 24690
I just thought this sign was neat
id: 24691
A giant train
id: 24692
A satellite dish
id: 24693
The building in the back is City Hall
id: 24694
A creepy statue!
id: 24695
What the hell??
id: 24696
A fancy church
id: 24697
A tandem bike
id: 24698
A weird antenna tower
id: 24699
I thought this building was interesting..
id: 24700
Oh boy
id: 24701
The Dayton cops are everywhere and really love that radar gun
id: 24702
I cut him off a little, but you can see the cop with the radar gun out
id: 24703
This guy was walking down the highway
id: 24704
Probably related to this car
id: 24705
This one's for you, Mike
id: 24706
My temporary chair
id: 24707
I love my giant table
id: 24708
I needed a new TV, so I got a small HDTV
id: 24709
The room is much nicer with my posters up
id: 24710
I also got a tree lamp
id: 24711
Flight of the Conchords on my sweet new TV!
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