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05/27/08 - A first visit to the National Air Force Museum

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id: 24712
My sweet desk setup with the TV and monitor
id: 24713
Same setup with flash
id: 24714
Mom in the parking lot outside the museum
id: 24715
A neat monument thing
id: 24716
We decided to check out the monument outside
id: 24717
A big medal
id: 24718
A propellor
id: 24719
An airplane.. on a stick
id: 24720
id: 24721
A model of the Wright Flyer
id: 24722
World War I planes
id: 24723
Mom actually read the stuff, I was mostly here to take pictures
id: 24724
Wright Flyer and flag
id: 24725
A propeller from a Wright Brothers plane
id: 24726
A longer exposure of the Wright Flyer
id: 24727
An old plane
id: 24728
An early wind tunnel
id: 24729
Another early plane
id: 24730
Some engine
id: 24731
id: 24732
Planes still had propellers at this point
id: 24733
A rotary engine
id: 24734
Nice stripes
id: 24735
Mom stands in front of Stripes
id: 24736
id: 24737
I'm glad I brought my tripod
id: 24738
A later wind tunnel
id: 24739
This guy was at a crazy angle
id: 24740
Mom stands in front of the big wind tunnel
id: 24741
Funnt dudes in a basket
id: 24742
Another old plane
id: 24743
id: 24744
Good advice
id: 24745
A flying torpedo
id: 24746
Just for comparison, here's a picture with the tripod and long exposure..
id: 24747
.. and one with flash. This is what all the chump tourists see when they get home
id: 24748
Crazy Angle Man again
id: 24749
Planes with no skins
id: 24750
A war plane?
id: 24751
Looks like it
id: 24752
A neat metal plane
id: 24753
There were lots of funny statues
id: 24754
The engines started getting bigger
id: 24755
Looks like the blue angels
id: 24756
Mom tries to get reception
id: 24757
Wing frame
id: 24758
The planes are getting pretty big
id: 24759
Neat lighting
id: 24760
Army plane!
id: 24761
A big blimp!
id: 24762
Mom standing in front of the weird helicopter plane
id: 24763
Great grandfather of the Osprey?
id: 24764
Yellow plane
id: 24765
Me and Mom in front of a bomb
id: 24766
A long exposure of the blimp
id: 24767
Mom next to the funny little plane
id: 24768
Tiny plane
id: 24769
id: 24770
Tiny plane again
id: 24771
Lots of planes
id: 24772
Some weird foreign plane
id: 24773
Another silver
id: 24774
Looking snazzy
id: 24775
I love the light flares
id: 24776
id: 24777
Oh noes, a crash!
id: 24778
Mom stands next to the giant wheel
id: 24779
Uhoh, someone's in trouble
id: 24780
Another weird statue
id: 24781
86? Good number
id: 24782
Lots of silvers
id: 24783
A funny little early simulator
id: 24784
WWII planes
id: 24785
A shark plane
id: 24786
Starting to get bigger
id: 24787
I think that's a fuel pod on the bottom
id: 24788
Lots of planes hanging around
id: 24789
A neat engine
id: 24790
A bomber?
id: 24791
A medic plane..
id: 24792
id: 24793
Mom's not really a pilot
id: 24794
Another bomber
id: 24795
Orange again
id: 24796
Silver and yellow
id: 24797
A plane shadow
id: 24798
Target practice planes
id: 24799
Machine guns in the front
id: 24800
This is the plane my great uncle Will flew
id: 24801
What a coincidence, it's got Strawberry's name in it
id: 24802
Even more of a coincidence, part of the communication system is called
id: 24803
Mom in front of the Strawberry Bitch
id: 24804
Snazzy artwork
id: 24805
The back of the Liberator
id: 24806
The long exposures really make the difference
id: 24807
id: 24808
A sweet 360 near the Strawberry Bitch
id: 24809
Another fighter
id: 24810
id: 24811
A big engine
id: 24812
That's a lot of bombs on the side
id: 24813
id: 24814
At this point I went back to auto-white balance
id: 24815
Me in front of a V2
id: 24816
A V1 buzz bomb
id: 24817
id: 24818
Another bomber with some snazzy WWII artwork
id: 24819
Too bad modern warplanes don't do this
id: 24820
A ball gunner's ball
id: 24821
I tried to give it some scale by standing in front of it but I couldn't really get close enough
id: 24822
A Messerschmitt, the first fighter jet
id: 24823
The jet engine
id: 24824
One of those weird tiny German rocket planes
id: 24825
The V2 again
id: 24826
My mom thought my grandmother might want to see this
id: 24827
Clark Gable part 2
id: 24828
Clark Gable part 3
id: 24829
Big plane
id: 24830
Lots of Japanese kills..
id: 24831
Lots of bombs
id: 24832
Now this looks familiar..
id: 24833
It's a B-29
id: 24834
A Fatman bomb!
id: 24835
I stand in front of the Plutonium implosion device
id: 24836
A Uranium Gun device
id: 24837
Little Boy
id: 24838
This plane's pretty dark..
id: 24839
The back of the B-29
id: 24840
Skipping forward a bit.. The F-22 Raptor!
id: 24841
The engines on the Raptor are incredible
id: 24842
I didn't have time to go explore that area.. next time
id: 24843
Some UAV. Looks familiar but I can't remember the name
id: 24844
A Predator!
id: 24845
The cafeteria tray
id: 24846
This reminded me of
id: 24847
A hydrogen bomb
id: 24848
Somehow I got Mom to hug it
id: 24849
It's pretty sobering to see it right there next to what it's capable of
id: 24850
Some bomber
id: 24851
Some weird plane
id: 24852
id: 24853
A B-2.. the stealth bomber
id: 24854
That Boeing UAV they're always showing off
id: 24855
The B-2 is pretty incredible up close
id: 24856
The probe on the front of some fighter
id: 24857
The same fighter from a little farther off
id: 24858
The back of the SR-71 Blackbird
id: 24859
One of the most incredible aircraft ever built
id: 24860
The engine of the Blackbird
id: 24861
The front of the engines of the Blackbird
id: 24862
The front of the Blackbird
id: 24863
Looking down the front of the Blackbird
id: 24864
Atomic weapons
id: 24865
I bumped the tripod by accident so I walked away with it in the middle of the shot.. kind of a neat effect
id: 24866
Looks like a fission bomb
id: 24867
The fusion bombs were really spooky
id: 24868
The fission bomb again
id: 24869
The real Apollo 15 Command Module
id: 24870
The side of the Command Module
id: 24871
The Dyna-soar
id: 24872
Mom standing in front of a Mercury capsule
id: 24873
They were really small
id: 24874
A Gemini capsule
id: 24875
They're so small! Jim Lovell and Frank Borman spent two weeks in one of these!
id: 24876
The bottom of a Mercury capsule
id: 24877
The payload of a Peacekeeper missile.. it kind of exudes evil
id: 24878
ICBMs.. the dark side of the space program
id: 24879
The engines on an ICBM
id: 24880
An inertial guidance system. It's essentially a giant Wiimote
id: 24881
The engine on a V2
id: 24882
The capsule used in the highest parachute jump
id: 24883
The B-2, U-2, and SR-71
id: 24884
The Stealth Bomber and the Blackbird
id: 24885
Mom in a fighter cockpit
id: 24886
It was fun being in the cockpit
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