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05/30/08 - Bummin' around my apartment

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id: 24887
My spiffy new Air Force hat
id: 24888
A closeup of the logo
id: 24889
My sweet surround sound setup
id: 24890
It gets the job done
id: 24891
Portal on one screen, AMVs on the other!
id: 24892
OK, not practical but it's still neat
id: 24893
My new pet Barack O'Llama. Clark James named him
id: 24894
My awesome desk
id: 24895
The desk with the speakers behind it
id: 24896
My poster collection, along with the mess behind my TV
id: 24897
Posters and Barrack O'Llama
id: 24898
My little corner of the world
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